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  1. Messages to your phone can be limited, similar to twitter, except with more characters allowed. So that means the link is cut off. For example instead of www.geocaching.com/gcabcd1234 which would take you to a cache, it might be www.geocaching.com/ which would only take you to a home page. A solution would be to use an email app. I personally like the Gmail app. What happens is that when you get an email, it goes to your phone right away. Also you can use it on multiple devices (like a tablet and a phone, or 2 phones, one for you one for your partner.) And if you switch phone numbers you don't have to change anything. I'm sure there's other email apps as well, but since I use Gmail that's all I can suggest.
  2. No point in doing that unless the cache is under water or, for some reason, would be blown away by the wind. If someone wants to take it, they'll find a way. I've had cables cut with bolt cutters to take a cache container before.
  3. All other caches are caches you did not find. What you want is an icon for logging a DNF, there is a difference. And yes, it's been suggested before
  4. I think it has to do with geocaching. Log 10 events. Find 4 different kinds of caches. That kind of thing. Anyway, why not ask your reviewer, since that's the person who decided to publish your cache, not us.
  5. I have owned and searched for a few caches go missing before being found. I've even had one get destroyed by a fire be for either was published.
  6. First thought is do you have a WiFi or data connection?
  7. Yours new, so some things you should know. First is that no app or GPS will take you to the cache. They take you to the coordinates. That means if your GPS is off, the hiders GPS was off, or the cache wasn't put back in the exact same spot then the cache will not be at the coordinates. Nothing you can do about it. Also a different app probably won't help. They get the information from the same GPS chip in your phone, and the same satellites in space. Second is that these are notnoerfect devices. They're not made to have 1 inch accuracy. So this, combined with the first point, means you need to expand your search. When you get within 5-10 feet start looking. And look around, about a 30 foot circle. You can narrow it down by reading the cache page for clues. If its magnetic, it will probably be on the metal sign, not a tree. Third is that caches can be very hard to find. They might be very, very well camo'd. They'll blend right in. Or look like something that should be there. They can also be very tiny. Like the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil. Or very tiny and well hidden. I once found a cache on a tree that looked like a berry. Each cache has a difficulty rating and a size listed. Look for larger caches and caches with a lower difficulty rating. Don't give up on Geocaching. But if you can't find a cache, that's fine. There's more than 2 million geocacher. Just move on to the next one. Also attend geocache events. Talk to other cachers, maybe go with one to find a few caches.
  8. So something a more unique than an ammo can at the base of a tree, or 500 pill bottles in a row is bad? These are both simple caches. The puzzle doesn't even seem very hard if you can follow directions. I've placed puzzles with much less info than that, and people have still found them. Some people like solving puzzles (some even solve puzzles caches around the world without going to find them after.) And the mob, is different, and creative. Like ChiliHead already said, if you don't like them, then don't look for them. I'm actually impressed by ChiliHead. That's a cool concept, not only on your cache, but making it available for others as well. I might have to do something with that.
  9. This is at least rhe third time you asked this. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=336969&st=0&p=5560180&fromsearch=1entry5560180 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=332365&st=0&p=5507971&fromsearch=1entry5507971 If I remember correctly, the one that opens to geocaches is the app. The one that opens to your profile is the webpage. From now on whenever you have a question, look HERE first, rather than posting the same thing a million times.
  10. The alerts you'd get on the iPhone app are based on messages to your geocaching.com user account. Are those the alerts you are looking for? If so, as long as you log into the geocaching app on your iphone with your Geocaching.com user account, you should get the alerts. Both my daughters have the app installed so all 3 of us get the same alert we have a new site message. It's not based on email but on your geocaching.com account name. That's for messages. With the OP talking about emails, the alerts could also be the instant notifications of new caches, new events, etc. That does go to the email. And they are only sent to one email (the primary email) there are 2 options. One is to set up to forward the emails to everybody's phone. The other is for everybody to use the same email. You could create an email account just for that. I personally use Gmail, and it does work on multiple devices.
  11. On the forums? It's new content, including posts to threads, not just new threads. So that could show new content on a 5 year old thread. Also, it's only in the section you're viewing. For example, if you click on it on this page you won't see anything new, unless someone posted since you last loaded the page. To get the most results of new content you should start at the forum homepage http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/
  12. Caches get archived. Cache types don't. Mega events and giga events are just normal events, and get listed as such. You can't wake up and decide to create one of those. These are events with a certain amount of people attending. Perhaps, it's simply that not enough open logged their "Will attend"
  13. You can delete any type of log. And any type of log will appear on the cache page. (with the exception of reviewer notes) Maybe the person didn't give a good search and doesn't want others not to look for it because it has a DNF. And what about peoplen who don't log it right away, or at all. I think you're making too much of an issue on this.
  14. They wouldn't. That's why someone brought it up, and someone else is looking into it.
  15. Go for humour. I'd love to find a cache in a faucet where there really is no reason for a faucet to be there. In a lake or pond. In the middle of a forest. On top of a mountain.
  16. Get a bison tube and attach a fishing bobber to it. Taken your PVC and put a cap on the bottom. Still a bunch of holes near the bottom of the PVC. The finder has to fill it with water to make the bison tube float up, and access the logbook. Use good bison tube, and rite in the rain paper. Edit: I see someone already posted this idea. My cache was also attached to a powerpole. A fence post would aalso work. No digging required.
  17. The search is useless. It only shows where trackables are logged in, not where they really are. This means that a cache goes missing and it has trackables in it, then it would appear that there's trackables in the cache, but there's not. Someone new doesn't understand how they work, and just takes one then same thing. Someone forgets to log it, same thing. It gets muggled, same thing. Someone logs it into the wrong cache, yup you guessed dot, same thing. In all these cases it would appear the trackable is in the cache, but it's not. Then you have the opposites, someone forgets to log it into a cache, it won't show up. Someone doesn't know what they're doing, same thing. Someone drops it in the cache but mistakenly logs it into another cache, same thing. And then there's the people who don't log in the field. They wait until they get home. So I take a trackable and before I log it, you see it's in the cache, but you get there and it's not. Or you skip over a cache because you don't see a trackable logged into it but I dropped one and just haven't logged it yet. TLDR the only way to know is to find the cache.
  18. If you had a premium membership you could run a PQ and load a ton of caches before your trip.
  19. It's clear now why the log was deleted. And some (or most) of us have wanted to do the same thing for the same, except reason. Yes, it's against the rules to do so, but we all understand the reason why it was done. To the OP essentially your log was deleted because you couldn't care enough to actually think of something to write. The owner take time to pace and maintain a cache, possibly even small amount of money for the cache, and you don't even write out full words. The owners (probabke) thinking is that if the cache was so bad it doesn't deserve actual words then you won't really care about the find.
  20. If it's binary code, try translating it to text. A Google search of binary to text converter should give you something.
  21. So then let's call it an unofficial rule. Still doesn't change anything. And this is a privately owned company, they can do as they please. I don't have a problem with these rules. I've had caches denied before, even one denied for similar reasons, in a similar location. If you want everything explicitly laid out, it's not going to happen. There's too many different things that they'd never think of. There's no rules against placing a cache in the core of a nuclear power plant, or on the side of a mountain and you can't use climbing g gear to retrieve the cache. There's no specific rule against placing a cache under a bridge where you have to climb over, then under and chance a 100 foot fall. You would understand if that was not allowed (even though it would be your error if you fell) but you're complaining about a cache getting denied because the reviewer is concerned about the date of the people finding it. Someone might not be paying attention and hit the cacher no matter how carefull the cacher is. If the reviewers are anything like me at work, complaining will only make them not want to help you. They're just concerned for cacher safety. If you still can't get over it, go use a different geocaching website.
  22. They have some wording that allows them to do so. One is basically saying that because a hide was or was not approved in the past has no effect on the decision to approve or not approve a similar cache in the future. They have obviously made that decision not to allow caches in those locations. Perhaps the cache you found was placed before they made that choice. Aside from grandfathering, it's just not practical. They don't have the resources to go and re-review every single cache when a change is made. Also thin the guidelines it says they can decline a cache based on proximity to certain places, including but not limited to. I would say it's not in the rules because in North America, traffic circles aren't as common as they are in the UK. There's probably more in a single UK city than there is in the whole province of Alberta. Then there's the fact that they may have been asked by some authority not to allow caches in those locations. In which case it doesn't have to be in guidelines. Also we can't really help you. Doesn't matter our opinion, or the guidelines. We aren't the ones who approve the caches (unless your reviewer happens to be active here.) So why not try working with the reviewer? Actually I do have an idea. Try getting explicit permission, and I'm sure it would greatly help your case.
  23. Although all of what I said is educated opinions based on what I know about other similar/related things. All things considered, even though I don't think it's a good idea, I would say try it. Have a fake plastic bone or something incase it goes bad. And report back how it holds up.
  24. Can? I'm sure you could. I'd think it would be large enough to hollow out and put a bison tube in. Should you? Probably not. First off, how are you going to replace it? At least if you use a Halloween decoration you can buy more. Second, I'm not sure people would even look at it as a cache. Means it wouldn't be found, and have DNFs. Then there's the fact it's a real bone. Dogs like bones. Bones are also a source of food. It's never a good idea to have anything that has a scent or could be food in a cache, so it follows that you can't have that stuff as the cache. Even if the bone is cleaned and bleached it won't stop animals from trying to see if there's anything left.
  25. That's my point. People want things done but they don't know about that stuff. They think it's all easy all the time. Don't realize that some stuff takes work and time so they complain and assume nothing's being done. If these people (like the OP) have a potential solution, then bring it up. If they don't know what's happening ask what's happening. Don't come in all med and entitled or whatever.
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