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  1. Can I suggest another option for future souvenir based contests like "Planetary Pursuit"? My thoughts are to include an opportunity to get points for doing one or more maintenance when someone else had reported that your cache needs maintenance or the geocache had had 2 consecutive DNFs the reward would be limited to one cache per day and that no two caches could count within a mile of another cache used for the challenge. A little motivation could do a lot to keep geocaching as much fun as possible for all users.
  2. Is there any way in GSAK to take a group of caches, lets say my hides and change their symbols on mass in a macro or maybe Global replace to maybe an "Ape Cache" icon for lets say 100 caches? I chose the "Ape Cache" because there are no "Ape Caches" in my area!
  3. Misha

    Disabled caches

    Here is a 100 km snapshot. I've edited out the ones that are disabled for the winter or stated that service will come when the snow melts in 2017. Code Waypoint Name Latitude Longitude State Owner Name Last User GC298CB Another Nice View N45° 39.345 W65° 10.531 New Brunswick ajlong 1/4/2011 GCTBKH Tested by Fire N45° 46.848 W65° 35.666 New Brunswick srmcl 1/4/2011 GC14WK7 M390 N45° 46.310 W65° 56.218 New Brunswick BEESKEEPER 1/4/2011 GC21HR3 K'town Splash N46° 26.344 W63° 38.393 Prince Edward Island tallguy123 1/4/2011 GC1WEG0 Lac a Poucette / Poucette Lake N46° 09.475 W64° 17.515 New Brunswick bassmig 22/04/2011 GC1CRRW Old MacDonald Had A Farm N46° 37.800 W64° 18.367 Prince Edward Island PEI_Seeker 11/9/2011 GC1HPQ9 Freetown - Lest We Forget. N46° 22.565 W63° 37.308 Prince Edward Island callbecks 11/9/2011 GC3DYKQ Flyfishing from here down N45° 50.294 W65° 13.428 New Brunswick KWRC 7/3/2012 GC3DYM9 Rocks & Fence for Fish N45° 48.267 W65° 35.762 New Brunswick KWRC 7/3/2012 GC3DYK6 The meeting place N45° 42.687 W65° 34.214 New Brunswick KWRC 7/3/2012 GC3B72K CENTURY CHALLENGE N46° 06.925 W64° 49.147 New Brunswick Cableguy 28/04/2012 GC1BCZ0 Janet - The Street that never was. N46° 07.142 W64° 47.064 New Brunswick Ron568 28/04/2012 GC1HXP8 Hear the Birch Bark N46° 05.014 W64° 49.196 New Brunswick Ron568 28/04/2012 GC2ZR6K Sunny Acres N46° 06.783 W64° 46.388 New Brunswick Cableguy 28/04/2012 GC33YPN MACALEESE PARK N46° 07.029 W64° 46.072 New Brunswick Cableguy 28/04/2012 GC37G45 Roundabout Lookabout N46° 04.521 W64° 48.860 New Brunswick heathtree 28/04/2012 GC27FTA Overlooking Moncton N46° 07.944 W64° 54.257 New Brunswick biketool 28/04/2012 GC1J055 Between two foots.. N46° 06.034 W64° 44.188 New Brunswick junial 28/04/2012 GC1YK8J Adélard-Savoie/Dawson N46° 06.311 W64° 43.021 New Brunswick PHLOSIER 28/04/2012 GC2HJMA Riddle me this N46° 05.125 W64° 41.715 New Brunswick TheNinjaJedi 28/04/2012 GC14CEB If 2 trees fell in the woods... N46° 02.650 W65° 01.904 New Brunswick biketool 28/04/2012 GC29AF0 Moncton or Sackville N46° 00.707 W64° 35.965 New Brunswick The Cookers 28/04/2012 GC3GVT6 Centennial Park Orienteering Multi N46° 05.069 W64° 49.028 New Brunswick heathtree 1/6/2012 GC3KMKM 2. DEPRESSION - HP Stages of grief series N45° 49.676 W64° 55.951 New Brunswick evulc 1/6/2012 GC3JYVQ Jolanie's first hide N46° 15.790 W64° 38.120 New Brunswick Jolanie 19/08/2012 GC3YTXY DON'T COME CLEAN N46° 05.741 W64° 49.334 New Brunswick Cableguy 21/10/2012 GC41GR0 Bad Karma N45° 57.328 W64° 23.675 New Brunswick critter431 23/11/2012 GC42EWZ #1 - Rudolph - superwifes kids series N46° 07.205 W64° 52.503 New Brunswick superwife 7/12/2012 GC42N19 FTWO - Curb Your Enthusiasm N45° 43.229 W65° 30.386 New Brunswick Walden07 17/12/2012 GC46CH3 SBS Hotel Shediac N46° 13.213 W64° 32.485 New Brunswick Belladan 24/02/2013 GC47705 A Lonely Cemetery 9 - Anagance N45° 52.241 W65° 15.068 New Brunswick stcar 12/3/2013 GC47WGF Turn in the Road...that never was N46° 02.595 W65° 02.216 New Brunswick biketool 18/03/2013 GC4A2YW 39. Kent Hills Wind farm. N45° 48.968 W64° 50.958 New Brunswick Paulie 26/04/2013 GC4A2XW 32. Kent Hills Wind farm N45° 48.798 W64° 51.666 New Brunswick Paulie 26/04/2013 GC4A2Y2 33. Kent Hills Wind farm N45° 48.765 W64° 51.529 New Brunswick Paulie 26/04/2013 GC4A2Y6 34. Kent Hills Wind farm N45° 48.749 W64° 51.391 New Brunswick Paulie 26/04/2013 GC4A2Y9 35. Kent Hills Wind farm. N45° 48.728 W64° 51.251 New Brunswick Paulie 26/04/2013 GC4BTKT 119. Kent Hills Wind farm. N45° 47.497 W64° 54.578 New Brunswick Paulie 14/05/2013 GC4GHXF PINE TREE N46° 03.452 W64° 47.209 New Brunswick Slow Loris 4/8/2013 GC4YE8T Saint Marcel N46° 19.298 W64° 35.270 New Brunswick Ma & Pa 22/02/2014 GC50JQ0 DID YOU REMEMBER THE HOUSE KEY? N46° 12.414 W64° 36.789 New Brunswick Cableguy 16/04/2014 GC5AK0M We will rock you! N46° 04.269 W64° 45.305 New Brunswick superfeebie 18/08/2014 GC5BKRB KNP - Kellys Beach N46° 49.774 W64° 54.777 New Brunswick Cache Up NB 1/9/2014 GC5HG8P Read house property N46° 14.949 W63° 41.110 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 14/12/2014 GC5HMEV River Road Hike #2 N46° 14.197 W63° 36.098 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 14/12/2014 GC5HMFJ River Road Hike #5 N46° 14.208 W63° 35.621 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 14/12/2014 GC5HVCB Coburg Cross N46° 01.666 W64° 07.032 New Brunswick MaritimerMitch 20/12/2014 GC5HMFX River Road Hike #7 N46° 14.009 W63° 36.262 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 26/12/2014 GC5HMF0 River Road Hike #3 N46° 14.274 W63° 35.960 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 26/12/2014 GC5HMFQ River Road Hike #6 N46° 14.142 W63° 35.871 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 26/12/2014 GC5HMF8 River Road Hike #4 N46° 14.279 W63° 35.753 Prince Edward Island goldenedisonthe3rd 26/12/2014 GC2H8WX Boootiful Woods - Witches Friend N46° 20.764 W63° 41.879 Prince Edward Island XtremeTC 1/1/2015 GC5XN6B NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK N45° 57.631 W64° 24.762 New Brunswick zappa123 20/06/2015 GC5Y5C2 Memory Park N46° 05.205 W64° 47.732 New Brunswick Jaredlutes 26/06/2015 GC5YPWE Rusty Bicycle N46° 04.977 W64° 47.823 New Brunswick Jaredlutes 14/07/2015 GC63338 Mill Ave Fun N45° 49.516 W64° 12.910 Nova Scotia sairving21 17/09/2015 GC63E9Y Swan Pond N45° 53.954 W64° 22.141 New Brunswick MKG320 25/09/2015 GC657M7 ROCKY ROCKOON N46° 07.147 W64° 49.741 New Brunswick Cableguy 20/10/2015 GC61PFW #47 CSR (Chignecto Ship Railway) N45° 54.505 W64° 09.331 Nova Scotia bootecacher 7/12/2015
  4. Misha

    Found puzzles

    What would be the point of even having puzzles caches if you could go to the map to locate them? Methinks she is referring to her found puzzles. Exactly only the found ones I don't want to see those that are still out there to be located! My motive is that we can avoid those we have signed when hiding new caches. I have no idea of where 70% were hidden even a few weeks after unless they were special. I have found 509 Mystery Caches, maybe 30 are challenges, ~80% active and most within 20 miles of my QTH which is exactly where I hide new ones. Take care, Misha BTW Misha = Mike in Russian PS: #400 just published
  5. Misha

    Found puzzles

    Hello, I feel that having puzzle finals for found puzzles visible would be a good option to reduce the work for reviewers. It would reduce the number of too close hides that makes reviewers need to correspond with hiders. Another thing I would like to have is the ability to save a pocket query from the new search page for premium members. Thank you Misha LeBlanc, CTech Geomatics, CLT Moncton, NB, Canada
  6. I'd recommend critter431's caches
  7. Are we still permitted to host a First to Find Event? One Where people hide caches and get them approved then trade the pages to facilitate getting first finder status? Here is an example of one 9 years ago http://coord.info/GCPXZ7
  8. Sounds fine to me, I have done that on some but left them on others that still had value to me.
  9. Good point Pup patrol but as it is in a very windswept it does depend on the winter; last winter we had 6 meters in the woods (and still have 50cm, May 5th, 2015) yet that location the snow did not cover that cache up. To put the snow flake icon it has to be 1.2 meters off the ground and it isn't. With that said I will remove those icons to eliminate confusion
  10. Are attributes a maintenance issue? Also my printout from when that was hidden showed dog, horse, bike, short hike, less than hour, but not scuba, or boat so how could that have been changed? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=b7520152-35f7-4482-9a6e-d1db381b6ca3
  11. I like the wait time idea as it can be programmed easily
  12. ranger_jurchik from Liberecky kraj, Czech Republic Member Since:Thursday, 08 August 2013 Found 3 of my missing TBs and Coins some have been missing before they were a member! 7th Anniversary coin, missing since 2011 JFK Bug, missing since 2007 Ten Dollar Bug, missing since 2013 Are the numbers published somewhere?
  13. We should avoid all New Brunswick Protected Natural Areas, and there are allot of them. Restricted or class 1 areas are fully off limits with a $600 fine for intrusion even by being lost! The class 2 sites are to not have ANYTHING left behind. Fines would be enforced on those hiding and finding geocaches, but hiking, camping or non-powered boating is permitted, ALL WASTE MUST BE REMOVED! Links: Map of sites: http://geonb.snb.ca/pna_znp/ PNA Website: http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/natural_resources/ForestsCrownLands/content/ProtectedNaturalAreas.html
  14. I'd like to add these tours and challenges: ME, NH, NB, NS Gulf of Maine Council GeoTour http://www.gulfofmaine.org/2/geocache/ New Brunswick, Canada Great War Geotour http://www.unb.ca/fredericton/arts/centres/gregg/news/geocacheproject.html 20th Anniversary Geocaching Program http://www.sentiernbtrail.com/index.php/en/programs/geocaching-program Falls Brook Geocoin Challenge http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5EAP8_fbc-1-fruitifil Thanks Misha
  15. I for one would like nanos to have a size rather than other.
  16. Last night I was entering 18 new hides and that got me thinking why does the website not know what country, and state or province my coordinate falls inside of! It shouldn't be all that difficult to get a generic political boundary map and only ask where the cache is in when it is too close to a border, like maybe 1 km or a thousand yards. Thanks Misha LeBlanc, CTech Geomatics
  17. Looking for info on a cache in NC that involved Scuba diving in a SEWER! If my memory serves, it was/may be in Raleigh-Durham, NC. I thank you in advance for your assistance. Misha LeBlanc Moncton, NB
  18. Simple answer: Host a First To Find Event: Each cacher has hidden one or more caches these "are" approved by a reviewer as good to go but they are set to be published one week after the event giving everyone a chance to be first. This idea came locally from FunkyNassau. It makes for a fun event.
  19. Hello Geocachers, I am seeing more and more caches that in my opinion should be Mystery caches being posted as Traditional hides. These caches include having to do math, complete a puzzle, solve something, etc. These are fine for puzzle caches, IMHO. Traditional caches are said to be find the cache, sign log, done. Where as a puzzle requires the users get additional requirements in order to get credit either before or at the scene. If I am wrong then why do we have challenges and night caches as mysteries with their A.L.R. status? I am hoping for reviewer opinion (esp. Cache Tech - Cache Agent) Examples: Traditionals cube cache (Cacher must get a ball to a spot to unlock door on a container to access logsheet) http://coord.info/GC3XR6H BYOB A cache for Jim52 and Hillbilly Bob (You must bring your own battery then wire a circuit correctly) http://coord.info/GC3AM15 2ool Tyme Too http://coord.info/GC3M91J Setup as a Mystery, as I would expect them to be! ? Tool Time http://coord.info/GC3AKY3 Thanks for any insight. Misha
  20. Misha

    Archived Wherigo

    I downloaded a Cartridge proceeded but I didn't locate the cache. When I went to place my log realized that this was archived can the status be shown on the Wherigo site? The Wherigo link: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=5046b0b8-9600-49fc-a116-3cf1a31e0fde the GC link: http://coord.info/GC2G1EQ
  21. I would like to have two buttons on the messages within a thread that would permit us to like or dislike any message rather than having to reply and extend any given thread with another response just to add your support or disapproval of any comment ot statement. Thank you, Misha
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