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  1. But should they need to ask? Keep in mind that the UK reviewers have, for quite some time, been agreeing and documenting UK specific details and interpretations of Groundspeak guidelines. E.g. they have UK specific guidelines about caches on/near schools and playgrounds. I don't recall them asking anyone about that. But I also don't recall them announcing it. I have no vested interest in defending the reviewers. But given their task - which is to enforce Groundspeak guidelines, in a way which is consistent and takes local issues into account - agreeing UK specific details seems a good thing. And I don't think it is really practical to ask. They are reviewing in their spare time. They need to make decisions and move on. Any consultation would result in a whole bunch of input; and then whatever they did someone would accuse them of not listening. I wonder if they would have been better off not making any announcement at all? Just start using their new guidelines. I agree Mark ... as you have implied perhaps they should stick to reviewing and leave the playing to us. The paying punter.
  2. That does presuppose that thousands of people have been negatively affected by the change - which sounds a little unlikely. Well I think you are viewing the facts in a way that slightly angles the discussion on your favour lol. Another way it could be interpreted is .... thousands have had their choices removed ... should they wish to choose to use the old way. As for unlikely ... who can tell. Any conjecture on that front would certainly be just that conjecture.
  3. It wasn't the point I was making Mark. It doesn't matter that the reviewers decided to do something about it ... it was that they did off their own back without asking first. If and as you say it's an assumption on your part Groundspeak specifically asked for something to be done that should be explained. The fault would then lie with Groundspeak. ... as it is it is the reviewers ... ... so my point still stands. Clearly it is an unpopular decision and should be revoked to encourage trust. Placating after the fact with a wishy washy maybe perhaps is just filler. Give people time they'll come around. I find that passive agressive. And as a paying customer .... very unpleasant. It is a political tactic in a consumer environment. It literally was ... 17 people said yes maybe so thousands have to suck it up. Well that is incredible and frankly here does it end now a precident appears to have been set. If I had two beers in my local every night and the landlord said ... well look you know what it could be interpreted that you are being too social I'm cutting you off after one but by all means come back in 10 hours or go to the nearest other pub 20 miles away but you can't go to the one overy the road .... they'd think he was nuts. I think the end user decides what they are happy with not the owner of the business. .. they after all the ones with the cash. And I dadgum well know it isn't the help.
  4. Is this the same team Microdot who has policed this thread and become a tangent wrangler lol.
  5. We've not had the chance to cache lately so hearing about this perceived rule was quite a shock given that it didn't apparently come from those who are in charge. It seemed to me after reading the posts here there are certain things that are clear: It seems an unpopular decision. Those who decided this rule have lost objectivity. A reviewer is and always has been a person who volunteers their time to the benefit of the wider community and uses local knowledge and a clear understanding of the groundpeak guidlines to help the wider community publish caches and keep the game alive. Where I believe things have gone awry is they have confused position with authority. This is not the action or sentiment of someone who helps. This is the action of a few in a position of trust ... making an I'll informed decision for the wider community based on a minority opinion. Intended or otherwise this is the result. I would say we should vote as this has been punted as a unilateral decision and clearly it is not by their own admission. It was agreed by a few. I would say be wary of agreeing to this especially when it is delivered in such a soothing tone as the sentiment is clear. If it is decided by the same contingent that it has been in error it may be lifted or reconsidered or adapted. In the same way as some external organisations have overeached I would say this was a poorly conceived decision which has been delivered as an edict. I would remind the reviewers you are volunteers only not policy makers. I have no need of a policy maker who takes a minority opinion and fashions a new way of playing a game which seemed previously to be accepted happily by the wider community. Attendance levels of these events is all the proof you require. I do have need of a reviewer who helps me publish caches or events in the time honoured way. Alienating people by overuling their concerns especially when you have not been given authority to do so by us the end user .... has placed you in a very difficult position. Nothing is easier than deferring to popular demand. Especially at this juncture. To continue to stand aloof ... you'll stand alone. And where will this self imposed authority end ... no more micros perhaps .... no teams ... no power trails ... it is a hobby where all may find a corner to explore and taken or leave that which they do not enjoy. And should the community decide as a whole that they do not enjoy an aspect of it, they will vote with their feet. Please rejoin the community as our reviewers do not attempt to lead it you will fail and we will obviously evolve beyond you and migrate. I'd hate that to happen. In short if it ain't broke don't fix it and don't create a solution for a problem that does not exist.
  6. I think the "issue" is that whilst there is potential to dilute the games quality the main issues are: 1. More time spent by those trying to enjoy the game dealing with running out to repair/replace/find caches that need no maintenance/replacement and find caches that have lousy coordinates or are placed in in inappropriate places/containers. 2. Extra work for the reviewers sending CO's on wild goose chases to their caches. And having to revisit many more cache pages to see where they went wrong. Only to discover the page has changed. The cache is not at the coordinates listed. The logs state it's a glass bottle or on private land and many more reasons. 3. A poor attitude to advisory emails from the rest of the community. We have a choice if we see something wrong. Write it in a log. Email the person concerned or report it to a reviewer. We usually opt for contacting the indevidual with a "just so you know" email. This is usually met with a good ignoring which is their choice. Then the reviewer eventually gets wind of it via Facebook and then you get abuse or log deleted because they assume it was you that ruined how they wanted to do something. Because they have no idea how the word spreads etc. Sometimes though you do get thanks for giving them the heads up. It's rare though. 4. Geocaching and its pitfalls are something we are all aware of over time. But it isn't just us it effects. Permissions from land owners are given after reassurance by us or the reputation of the game or the professional nature of most cachers. However these few can give it a bad name and Joe Public reacts by contacting Groundspeak direct. The result is a fast response by Groundspeak to protect their reputation. This inflames the newbies to give up and as a result of the potential fall out another but of our game gets eroded away. This has the potential to effect value for money for the long term used and will effect future cache placement by us all. As for rubbish cache placement by long term users ... well can you blame them. Here in the UK cache placement requires land owners permission on anything but roads and nearby forests owned by the forestry commission or the coast path. And a few random extra places. Footpaths though sacrosanct for walking use are not so for geocsche placement. Who the hell knows who owns what. Most cannot be bothered to track down a landowner which unless you intend to pay for the information means knocking on doors. So rubbish cache placement will happen because it is the path of least resistance for a CO. Expect roadside cache placement to increase radically as Groundspeak increase their choke hold on land owner permission.
  7. When we finally upgraded to the 650 from the 450 I did notice a dulling of the clip locking mechanism on the 450. Caused as you say by the metal belt clip of the gizmovest. So when we got the 650 which doesn't have the metal bracket at the back to protect it like the 450 had, we removed the metal clip from the gizmovest and use the lanyard instead. The clip isn't a secure option anyway but the lanyard is. It's easy to do and the instructions show you how. One word of caution when using just the lanyard - never climb a tree wearing it. It will not break. It will probably not break in 20 years. So if you do fall from the tree it may snag on a branch and it will be your neck that does break. There are purpose built lanyards which have a quick release clip at the rear just for this reason. However chances are they will fail just when you are leaning over a drain looking for w cache. It's one of those inevitable laws of fate. Best of luck.
  8. Hi Looking for the New Brunswick Atlantic Geocache Geocoing. Managed to secure three of the set and just need this one to complete it. And then if anyone has one of these squirrelled away and is interested in sharing the joy that would be great too. The Sambro Lighthouse geocoin Just email me that's fine and many thanks in advance.
  9. Urghhhhh you swine you have a Sambro lighthouse geocoin there. I've tried searching to death to get one. Then I lazerased myself up again and tried a bit more. Just can't get one. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Ive just tried it on mine and that works. You are a vicar and have found 133 unique church micros. Excluding any in the last couple of days.
  11. Here is the page where you can copy the text from and instructions on getting it sorted. http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/awards.html If you still can't get it to work Bear and Raggid know everything and always help people.
  12. I've just checked your profile and it's still not there. Try this. Sorry about putting a capitol letter on your name. I've copied direct off the website this time. <a href="http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/cm.html"><img src="http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/awards/cm_award.php?name=plipey"></a>
  13. Go to your profile by clicking on your name link at the top of the home screen. When that page loads up scroll down and on the right hand side you will see "your public profile" - click that. This will take you to your profile page. Click edit profile and several boxes appear. Into the box marked "bio" paste this HTML. I have inserted your username already. Once you have done that click save and that's it. Now repeat the process but when you click on your public profile it will have a symbol of s church and a found number and your rank. Curate bishop etc. every time you find another it will tot this up after about a week. It's usualky weekly it's updated automatically for you. Hope that's helped. <a href="http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/cm.html"><img src="http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/cm/awards/cm_award.php?name=Plipey"></a>
  14. We had a TB trapped I a TB hotel in Germany and it was there for I think it was two months. The main cache was in a stationary shop. In the actual shop. And to access it you had to ask the counter clerk to open it for you. She would then only allow you to take a TB if you left a TB. So that's two rules broken. And if the shop was shut ... not to worry you could sign the other satelite log 100 feet down the road. I was told at the time it was a disgrace ... the cache owner was polite but their reply was "well I can't make people choose to swap for your TB so till then it's stuck", and the forum although supportive said pretty much "meh that's Europe for you". There is one not far away that's in a business. We did one in Scotland that is inside the shop. We did one inside a museum on the Isle of Wight. When it's inside an establishment I think it's breaking the rules. When it's tucked out of sight on the outside of an establishment I think it's fine. We've done a few security cameras on people's front door steps before now. Horrible cringy toe curling things. Cache size other no other clue but the title. Horrific but also funny.
  15. If it wasn't some sort of system error it could have been your thumbs. We had a quick look at one of our cache pages on the smart phone whilst out. We scrolled too heavily apparently pffffff, and with three scrolls we had hit edit cache page, and changed various things on the next two scrolls before we realised what the hell was going on. As for the needs maintenance for attributes ... on the one hand I think what a sad person to sit there and gather their thoughts to sensibly write that as some form of protest that requires attention. I wouldn't want their life. On the other hand I think hilarious ...can you imagine ... scuba'd up, dragging a boat through the brush ... buddy checks, anchor - check. Ski's - check. "Stand back everybody I'm going in!" And dutiful wife finds it by her foot. ...unless they were completing a challenge for attributes ... cough ...
  16. Not sure if the U.S. has this but we've often caught a whiff of dead animal but nowhere it could be. Sometimes it's gag worthy. But all it turns out to be is this http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stachys_sylvatica (wound wort), if that helps. There are quite a few others that exude the same sort of smell. Even some more here in the UK. But this is commonly found here and it chucks.
  17. I love it how can you not - Can see a problem with a cache - take smartphone photo and drop it into message centre message. Can't do that with the email facility. You have to wait till they reply and hope they include email. Also it makes earth cache evidence easy. Some non varified scu ... person ... has your TB ... no longer can they hide behind non varified. You can message them. Or message them if they have another problem you could help with. No requirement to have two windows open with email facility. All happens with one log in via geocaching. Easier. I would say a read receiept would be good. Like (and this hurts to say it) iMessage. One down side is that it's linked live. Lose your signal and it all goes away. So if that's the case is it eating into data. It happened to us mid message writing over the weekend. But I hope it stays because it works the way we use geocaching.
  18. Variation of cache sizes across a power trail would prohibit it's use. Caches supposed to be marked with GC code as identifiers - would imply you can't do it. Replace geocache as found not replace a geocache as found. Not sure you can imply we as CO's have to opt out rather than opt in to acceptance of the 3CM system. So taking this all into account it seems replacing a cache without a CO's permission is a throwdown. Looks like you have just implicated some GS staff in a breach of one of their own tenants. And by implication that their logs can be deleted
  19. ... he is never going to listen ... Make sure you get the coordinates for where you want it, now. In case someone else poaches your spot. And write a note on the cache page in the logs section before you publish explaining why you have not yet submitted it. If the reveiwer sees that they are unlikely to decide you aren't going to use it and someone else's submission gets approved. And congratulations for the future!
  20. And not only that but by "visiting all" you add a junk visit log to all the trackables you are holding. If you do this at every cache you find you add a bunch of junk logs. Too many junk visit logs and it is no longer fun to read the history of a trackable which is something I USED to like doing. And that sweeping statement does not the entire caching community make. I like an accurate stage by stage visit of my TB's because as TB drops are straight line points, a stage by stage visit helps with more accurate mileage. But then it's not all about us is it Except that in this case "visiting" was suggested as a mechanical means of solving a separate problem with NO consideration given to the consequences to the travel bug page. This suggestion would make the visit log a total throwaway action. If the OP was going to consider that option then it doesn't hurt for them to hear another opinion. But... you are right, I got a bit carried away with this one too in my attempt to make sure I was heard. (I must have been in a right sour mood last night. ) No I doubt you were in a sour mood. Just trying to help the OP. So we were in fairness by explaining too deeply lol. As for the web admin it's not done that way. I guess you could try but usualky requests for changes are made in the suggestions section of the site. I would imagine you have found that bit by now but in case you haven't - Website bugs/reports/feature discussions. - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=139 But I will warn you now you may have to explain every nook and crannie of it and you may get jumped on so keep it calm lol. Is start with TB inventory partition request. And explain from there. Again good luck and sorry we took you all round the houses but what's ride eh
  21. And not only that but by "visiting all" you add a junk visit log to all the trackables you are holding. If you do this at every cache you find you add a bunch of junk logs. Too many junk visit logs and it is no longer fun to read the history of a trackable which is something I USED to like doing. And that sweeping statement does not the entire caching community make. I like an accurate stage by stage visit of my TB's because as TB drops are straight line points, a stage by stage visit helps with more accurate mileage. But then it's not all about us is it
  22. And why couldn't this have been said in the first few posts? It was painful to read through this topic knowing that it was all going to boil down to this simple answer. That was rude. Well the simple answer is because we aren't you apparently. Sorry for your pain.
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