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The Squirrel - new personal coin


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Proudly presenting: My first personal coin.




Both squirrels are drawn by yours truely and have been my avatars at several social networks. The front at first was designed for a pathtag for the milestone of my 1000th find.

The one on the back is inspired by those drawings, where the artists use a single line to draw a face or animal. As the drawing with one line wasn't what I wanted to achive, I've used several.


Now both squirrels have been combined and put onto a coin.


Why squirrels? Well, I just fancy those rats with their bushy tails, they're lively and cute. Also they hide caches, as they collect their winter forage of nuts. As they are also forgetful, quite a number of trees was planted by quirrels.


The overwhelming use of green in the background is not only a symbol for my occupation of horticulturist, but also the one colour Ireland is renown for. As I used to live there for over 6 years, the clover (shamrock) just had to be part of the design.



There are 100 coins made, 70 in copper and 30 in antique gold.

They are trackable on geocaching.com and have their own icon.

They're 30mm square, 3,5mm thick and both sides are covered with epoxy, which gives them a nice smoth feeling.

A hole makes it easy to attach them to anything you like.


These coins are not for sale, but for trade.





edit: to add the size of the coins.

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I love this coin! :wub:


Do you have a seeking list somewhere?

My seeking list is here: TB2DQY8

But as most of them are quite rare coins and hard to find, the most important part on that list is following:

"Anything with a nature or maritim theme,

about Geography or Locations,

and "girls coins".

Non Trackables always welcome."


Feel free to offer me anything you consider fitting, I'm not too picky.








edit: will I ever get a posting written without spelling mistakes? I'm sorry...

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