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  1. Look, what beauties I received: Parity Thanks to ALEXMAINZ.
  2. (HIDE*SEEK) 575 receives (ALEXMAINZ) 75 and sends to (MURAZOR)<- Done (HIDE*SEEK) 579 receives (ALEXMAINZ) 76 and sends to (DER FOTOGRAF) <- Done Enjoy and have fun with your new coins!
  3. Thanks to Thomas for hosting another great Mathtrade! Some of my coins didn't trade. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
  4. Better late than never Wishlist send!
  5. I had no problems to install Geowigo on my new Lumia 950xl two weeks ago and to fix the connection with onedrive. Sadly I hadn't enough time since then to play a Wherigo.
  6. It's time to report about my latest experience with Geowigo. In June I went together with three friends to find http://coord.info/GC55NQD. We had three different devices - an Oregon 450, an Andriod-Phone and my HTC 8X runnig with WindowsPhone 8.1. Since the Update from 8.0 to 8.1 my Phone was running extremly slow and I had to restart it every day. When we started this Wherigo, the catridge on my phone froze and I wasn't able to restart it from the last position I saved. My friends started to grin about my windows phone and we continued with the other devices. During half of the cartidge, the Oregon froze too and didn't restart. So at last the adroid kept us playing this with complex cache. In the middle of this Wherigo you reach a virtual marketplace and during that game the adroid phone died too and so we had to stop our hunt for this cache. As the creator of this cartridge is a good friend of mine, I reported him our problems, but he didn't saw any faults. I promised to myself to come back one day. During the last weeks Microsoft offered an important update to WP 8.1 and fixed a lot of problems. I was force to do a hard reset on my phone to install the update, but it was worth the effort. Now everything on my phone runs fine and extemly quick. Last saturday I did a second try on this Wherigo on my own. Everythng runs perfect and only during my visit on the virtual marketplace, I had to restart the latest saved game as the app seemed to run into a circle with no way out. After that I could continue the game and succeeded. It was another great experience with the geowigo-app. Thanks to Mangatome. Keep up your good work!
  7. All Coins received from: - KINI_ONT - AVROAIR - ALEXMAINZ - SOMICO Thank you so much! Right now I'm extemly busy and try to post a picture this weekend.
  8. Thanks Thomas for another great Mathtrade! Sending Coins to: - AURORA2014 - ARGENTUMVERDE (2x) - WELLNER -> All coins are packed and will leave tomorrow morning. Receiving Coins from: - KINI_ONT - AVROAIR - ALEXMAINZ - SOMICO
  9. I sent my wantlist saturday morning. Hope it arrived.
  10. Regrouping done and eMail sent. Happy Easter to everybody!
  11. I just added 30 Coins to the list.
  12. If it's still possible to take part, please count me in.
  13. Yes, it's time to trade some coins. I'm in again.
  14. Missed the last round. Please count me in: Hide*seek's Seeking List
  15. I just got this link from a dear friend and would love to be part of this list: hide-seek@sunedge.de
  16. Congrats to your first own personal geocoin. I was happy to meet you this week and so two cute squirrels are jumping around my home. I love the design and the story behind it.
  17. These beautiful coins are a must-have to me. See you in Ulm.
  18. No need to mention Moun10Bike or Good or Bad Jeremy-Geocoin. These are only coins to be traded with the owners himself. My top five are: 1. Moon Mushroom Geocoin (gold) 2. Elements Compass - Water Geocoin (Polished Silver) 3. Petrified Wood Compass Geocoin (Black Nickel) 4. DeLorme Eartha Geocoin (3D) 5. Dark Side of the Cache Geocoin
  19. The GPS stopps, when you turn off the screen. During my hike I used a mobile charger and left the screen on. I heard from a friend, who created some Wherigos, that you can put a sounddata to a cartridge. What I mean, is a proximity alarm when you come near the next the point, so that the App is drawing the users attention.
  20. Today I started my first beta with Geowigo with a 16km long distance hike. Here you can find the cachelisting: W 09 #1 Kassel-Steig "Catweazle" (http://coord.info/GC48R3Z). During my hike everthing went fine , but one feature I really missed: Proximity alarm - During our hike I always had to check if we had reached the next station. It would be helpfull to get a little "beep" at a distance around 20-40m to the next point. Thanks for this great app which enables Windows-Phone-User to play Wherigo.
  21. Today I received a letter from Mamoreb. Thank you so much for the beautiful coins! I'm very happy with al my new coins! Thanks again to Thomas for organizing the Mathtrade. SENDING: (NEVADANICK) (LUIS_PT) (ACASIM) (PINGOS) (STEBEN6) RECEIVING: (NOSNOW) (FIRENNICE) (MAMOREB) (STEBEN6) (YANAGI)
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