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Release Notes - August 21, 2013

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Searching for Newest Caches in the United Kingdom from a profile page fails. Just takes you to another search for all geocaches page. Entering country and region then gets you a 500 Server Error. Not a lot of testing happened before this update went live!!

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I get an error message when I try to look up a cache on someone's profile page: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." What is going on?


I am finding this problem on every link on any cacher's "Geocache Information for User: any cacher"


Hope it gets fixed soon.

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One thing I do not like about the new design for cache pages is that we used to be able to open a page and see instantly if we "favorite" a cache because it was in the menu on the right. Now, to see if you have already given a favorite point, you have to click on the favorite point link. It's a small thing, but it is just another click that is unnecessary. Can we change that back?

+1. From time to time, I go over my recent finds to make sure that I distributed my favorite points properly. I do this by clicking the cache title with [Ctrl] key to open it in a new tab, and once done, browse a listing, close it by [Ctrl] + [w], and repeat. Now I have to use a mouse, which is a quite annoying overhead.

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Labs Caches will not affect statistics, souvenirs, or Favorite Points.

But they do increase our find count..?

Do they count towards milestones?


It just looks strange when the find count is higher than what's included in the statistics...

Is it possible to get the find count decreased again, to not include the lab caches?


They increase your find count, but do not count toward milestones, which are considered part of the statistics.


Labs are just that - experiments being run by Geocaching.com. Think of them as beta ideas rather than full-fledged caches.

IMHO, it's simply wrong to treat Lab caches as a find in one place but like it didn't even exist in other places (stats, My Finds PQ...). I know I can manually update my milestone in the stats, but can I still set my 1000th find milestone when I have only 988 non-Lab finds plus 12 Lab cache finds?

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