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  1. ...and of course, I still receive email from City of Milpitas. Just got this today.
  2. And another. I stopped responding at this time, and I have not received further requests after this.
  3. I guess I lost the 2nd request, but here is the third (yes, after I told them I am not a resident in the first place).
  4. I have never subscribed to City of Milpitas Rec's mailing list. I only received a reward Geocoin. And to do so, I was demanded to give them my email address by the city employee, and I did so (my bad that I didn't ask how they are going to use it). I had occasionally been receiving promotional emails from the City, which I always just ignored as it was only occasional. Lately, they keep demanding me to provide the proof of residency, which I do not have. I have followed the unsubscribe instructions every time they demand the proof. I've also sent a them separate email to ask to remove me from their database as I'm not a resident, and never said I am. They never stop demanding the proof. I know this problem doesn't belong to Groundspeak, but thought if there's any advice from some of the local people here.
  5. Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. @palmetto, I will update that part. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Do you happen to know if this one is still ok under the current guidelines? It's my cache but I haven't been active in the game for years now...
  7. This reminds me of all the negativity in the community when Virtual Rewards were awarded to some selected geocachers. I'm not participating in the program (I haven't logged any finds in the past 4 months, so I don't really qualify - I wonder how they selected the initial group of invitees).
  8. Summary (not the actual wording but pretty much same.) Me: ..... My logs are legit. Anything can be done? GC: Unfortunately not, unless you have link. Me: Links sent. GC: Logs restored. Me: Thanks, but I'm not seeing them. GC: It was because the TB is locked. Check again now. Me: Thanks, I see it now. Btw, can the owner delete them? GC: No. The logs are locked. (logs deleted again by the owner) Me: Well, they were all deleted again actually. GC: Sorry, after further attempts, we can't lock logs when the TB is locked. Me: No worries, thanks for the update.
  9. All 4 logs were deleted again by the new owner. (Again, I'm just fine with what Groundspeak thinks is right.)
  10. I sent them an inquiry to ask if anything can be done in this situation. They said they can't unless I have links to my logs, so I sent them the links anyway (for 4 distinct trackables - he deleted 3 more). Surprisingly, all my logs were restored. I'm sure that the new owner (or Groundspeak) will delete them again soon anyway, and that is fine with me -- I'm no longer active in the game anyway, but I thought it's worth sharing here.
  11. Thanks for the feedback so far. Yes. This is what he said: So I think he was aware of it.
  12. Thanks. Yes, the Help Center article talks only about logs they can delete: It doesn't say anything about things they can not delete. I'm curious more about commonly accepted practice here.
  13. I legitimately discovered a trackable and logged it. 3 years later, the original owner sold it on eBay (according to the new owner), and the new owner has deleted all the legitimate logs and even locked it saying this trackable is very special for him, his friends and their friendship. I'm no longer an active player and don't really care much about my stats, but I wonder if that is commonly accepted, as I feel that the new owner abused his power.
  14. I guess you have different set of guidelines than I do.
  15. I don't consider the trackable inventory as a part of my own listing as they belong to the owners of the trackables, not me. The guidelines are not explicit here though, so I may be wrong. For record: I do maintain my cache listings including trackable inventory mysef.
  16. It's great that you take care of trackables in your TB hotel so well, but not every cache owner is interested in trackables as much as you are, and my understanding is that nothing is wrong with that.
  17. Why do you think it's unfortunate? I see it as a positive effect.
  18. I'm one of those 4,000, and have been thinking hard what I could do with it. After reading all of the hatred in the forum, I have to wonder why I'm doing it.
  19. Trackables belong to their owners, not the cache owners. I see it as a trackable owners' responsibility to mark their trackables missing, not the cache owners'. This kind of discussion discourages some cache owners to put larger containers which can hold trackables.
  20. Really??? Among that many (like fifteen!) cachers who even attended an event, none of them doesn't even understand the fact that unknown caches can be somewhere else and even decides to trespass? No wonder why the game is heading towards death.
  21. To me, as a finder, most memorable caches are the ones I spent a lot of time and efforts on. I don't see it as a waste of effort if I don't complete the stages and can't claim a smiley, even if it's in a remote location which I probably won't be able to revisit, as long as I enjoy the experience. I would still imagine where the OP's feeling came from -- some caches are challenging just to be challenging, and they are rather frustrating. As a CO, I try to rate my hide appropriately, and add appropriate attributes as well. If it is expected to take a lot of time, I'll mention it in the description, as I too am a (wannabe?) planner, or at least understand what such people want to stay happy. If I expect multiple visits, I'll mention it upfront. As a previous finder, I may spoil whoever asks me to spoil, if I don't think the experience is worth the effort.
  22. Almost all of my close geocaching buddies have quit the game in the last couple of years, but we have much more events lately in our region. We used to have only a few relatively bigger events (around 150 attendees) yearly. Now we have several smaller ones (10-20 attendees) every week.
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