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  1. Compiled GWCs can be shown and played in urwigo. You have to load or create a small urwigo, a message box with "Hello world" is enough, then click run and in the dialog box change the directory to the location where your gwc is. Select an run it. The procedure I have also described in the wherio handbook (german) here But beware ... the simulator sometimes crashes.
  2. Tried with urwigo ...for a test I have downloaded a cartridge from the kit site, but I noticed it has no suffix after download. So I appended "zip" and extract the archiv including the pics in a folder. Now in Urwigo the *.lua file can easily be imported.
  3. Found the issue ... I have made a test cartridge with only 1 messagebox. Don't use the object "cartridge version" in urwigo. It causes the "error".
  4. Hello, GWZ upload on Wherigo.com is ok, but when I try to download the GWC an error pops up. Strange that there comes "Error During Upload". Test compilation with these GWZ on whereigofoundation.com works. Any ideas ?
  5. jonny65

    URWIGO test

    I think your text is too long. Split it in 2 parts either using a dialog with 2 textfields or 2 messages whereas the 2nd message is placed in the onclicked event of the 1st message.
  6. Thats easy .. see the pic below ... the numeric operation (value * 1) rounded with 0 decimal places is for better readability ... 172 m instead of 172.74623457823m But better than a message is to change the description of an item with a timer, so you have continuous values each n seconds (depending on timer duration) ... 172m....169m....163m .... Example in the testsuite under timer "Checkposition". EN : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=676f945a-4fb0-43da-b6d4-fc192757cb7a DE : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=9ae24abd-7e18-466f-99f8-97899f3d95e0
  7. In Urwigo you need a minimum of 3 points to define a zone. Simply set 3 equal coords.
  8. I think only the Android WhereYouGo app supports zone commands. You can check this with the testsuite, see https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/304088-the-great-list-of-open-source-cartridges/&do=findComment&comment=5352896 ,after you have set the "playerzone" an enters it. The command should appear and you can click on it.
  9. No, I don't need to open it, I know that it is impossible. You only can import a LUA source from the the "old" Wherigo Builder", NOT the LUA generated from urwigo. See an earlier posting too :
  10. It's unfortunately always the same "issue" ... an owner offers the cartridge as opensource, but doesn't include the urwigo source file in the GWZ (zip). Known but a bit confused is the fact, that an urwigo generated LUA can't import in urwigo
  11. To reproduce the way how to check the distance to a zone (or point) you could download the "Testsuite" from Wherigo.com, german or english. I have packed the urwigo source into the the gwz archive (its to open as a zip). DE : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=9ae24abd-7e18-466f-99f8-97899f3d95e0 EN : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=676f945a-4fb0-43da-b6d4-fc192757cb7a Now look for the item "Bearing" or "Peilometer" and the timer "Checkposition" how it works. Its very simple and you actually need only the function for distance measurement as shown in the snapshot attached. These you can place for example as a command of an item "Measurement".
  12. Edit : The numeric operation (1 * value and rounded with 0 digits) is not absolutely necessary, I just use it because I tell the player the accuracy in a better readable format (17 m instead of 17.4262345237834689623488 m
  13. Not absolutely sure to detect this because it is possible that the player is within another area without gps signal (house, forest ...) but the best indicator will be a bad accuracy. You can check this once or periodically with a timer. In my cartridges I always do this similar ... checking the accuracy (20 meters) when the player starts. In this example attached I have used 40. This is a value where I think the signal is really lost.
  14. In Wherigo Handbuch you will find an example. This is a german site, but I think you can find out how it works. In your case you only have to replace the events : Start timer when player enters zone 1 and stop in zone 6.
  15. Perhaps some things in the emulator were changed too and with them the map. Without guarantee of sideeffects you can copy the player.dll (make a copy before !) from the last urwigo installation to the current. This brings you back the google map.
  16. These bug is known since many months and nothing happened. I always suggest in my listings better to play with android AND ... if someone plays with iOS and the sound has gone, he has to store the cartridge at this point, close it and resume. The sound should be back. There are still some other reasons, i.e an incoming call or often if the smartphone goes in standby mode.
  17. I'm very sure your text size of the screen is above 100%, probably 125%.
  18. Yes, this is a veeeeeeeeeeeery old known issue and I prefer the same as Ranger Fox using a variable and if the final value is reached not yet, I start the countdown (1 second) again. B But in some cases I already have used an intervall timer. Here it is important to set the actions NOT in the "On elapse", but in the "On start" trigger event.
  19. Wondering why the admins are not able to solve the problem with the attached pics. What to do now, decreasing health if the player lose the combat until an assigned value is reached (i.g 5) then close the combat zone and activate the healing zone ? If the player won what to do then ?
  20. There are many many comments to these theme, for example http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=295741&view=findpost&p=5042485 Urwigo doesn't know about the 15/16 digits problem, you will receive always and only 15 digits. You also can place an item "Unlock code" in players inventory and set the description of it to the unlockcode.
  21. Generally disable any firewall, when installing urwigo. They only and ever make problems. If you have a whitelist active, then after urwigo is installed, place the urwigo.exe in the whitelist, to make the simulator with google earth working.
  22. Since newest version of Whereyougo player the defined CR/LF as a Lua variable doesn't work The text in messages and item desriptions looks very bad. How do you realize carriage returns ?
  23. The iPhone player has the most issues of all players. I often have to make workarounds only for these player. Hoping that finally the WF.Player comes out. But what do you have wrote sounds very curious. The timer has finished, then you save the game, restore and the timer seems to run again ?? If it is so, explicit stop the timer on the resume event of the cartridge.
  24. You could make a messagebox or, if you want more buttons, an input. In the text of the messagebox or input you write a longer description of the actions and what the player has to do and choose. On the buttons a short hint, perhaps as shortcut "fwd instead of forward". Text in an input : "You enter the castle, on the right site you see a torch, in front of you a trapdoor, on the left side a locker. What are you doing now ?" The inputs : Take torch - Open trapdoor - Open locker I have many actions in my games and the length of text on buttons is always short enough, but nevertheless understandable.
  25. You do not need any mobile data to navigate. The GPS works as i.e a garmin orgeon. The only thing is : Of course, you must use offline maps and configure them in whereyougo.
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