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Glucose test strip containers

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My wife and I are both diabetic. Our blood glucose test strips come in a white plastic container, a little smaller then a film canister. They are designed to keep the test strips dry, and seem to work well for that.


I have been told these make a fairly good micro container, much better than the film cans. However, I have never found one hidden as a cache so I don't know.


Anyone have any experience using these? Or finding one?


I don't hide micros, but I do hunt them. I hate finding wet soggy logs in a film can. If these are better, I would save them to give people who do hide them.



Oops, I meant to post this in General topics. Any chance a Mod could move it. Thanks.

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Anyone have any experience using these? Or finding one?

I have a couple of those (never placed them), and have found one of those kind of caches. They are thick walled and have a hinged cap. They rely on elasticity of the cap to provide a seal. Like film cans, they have various manufacturers, and various life spans. The one I found seemed OK.

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In the San Francisco Bay area, they've become quite popular. I've found several -- one just yesterday, come to think of it -- and I've never seen any problems. As far as I can see, they're a huge improvement over film holders. We don't get tons of rain here, though, so I can't say whether they'd be as reliable in rainier climates.

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Never have found one that's been out, but found about 80 on a power trail run a week after it was placed.


Some comments-If the "lip" is broken, the lid may not be watertight.

-They appear to be quite strong; a coyote(or other similar ammo) had chewed on some. Other than some teeth marks, ripped cam tape and the occasional broken inner lip(See above) that resulted in the lid popping open(a reason to not place them lid side down) they held up quite well. One was attached to a wood fence post by aircraft cable. The container had a few teeth marks but was in good shape. The fence-well the animal pulled on the cache, and pulled a large chunk of wood off of the fence post. Cache-1 fence post-0.

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I have a couple, but I haven't hidden them. I did throw them into a bowl of water for a couple of hours with no leaks.

That's perfect if your caches will be active for a couple of hours in a bowl of water. :anibad:


My first cache was a film canister. It has lasted 4 years and has been opened and closed at least 150 times since then, and still seals nicely. It also seals water inside, of course. People open it in all weather.


These kinds of plastic containers with no o-ring are hit-and-miss. They eventually petrify or get gummy, or just break or crack. It may take just one cacher trying to force the cap on, to mess up the seal. And the test strip containers were opened 50 times already (once per test strip). But if you have extras on hand so you can replace the container when it goes bad, it's fine. They seem sturdier than film canisters, and the hinge will help align the cap til the hinge breaks, but it depends on many things how long either will last.

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We have a few of those around here. Simply a variation of a film can, which may eventually replace film cans when we cant buy 35mm film any more.



Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me that they actually put film in those things? :unsure: What's next-you're going to tell me the put bullets in ammo cans? :ph34r:

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