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  1. Looks like you have used the little pencil to update coordinates at some time in the past. This is only visible to you and does not change when you update coordinates on the right side of the screen. (Your personal changes are shown in italics font) To fix...click on the little pencil and do a restore of the correct coordinates. Then all will be ok.
  2. I remembered this post when I accidentally found this... Go to..... Dashboard Your Geocache Logs Found it Logs are shown in reverse order, the caches with the blue heart are ones you have favorites. Hope this helps
  3. What about the possibility of a new attribute called "Cache Is Up For Adoption"?
  4. As one post pointed out, the difference wouldn't likely be all that significant. My Frustration is with people with many THOUSANDS of finds and never posting a single FAV. These are often the same people who go out (often with a group of like minded people) who find dozens of caches in a weekend, where those caches have high favorite counts, still not leaving a single FAV. Thanks for allowing me to vent. mb
  5. The GC code is still being cut off. Now I notice that NO logs are printed. Only 3 pages. I want to print what I see on the screen, just as a cacher would see it so I can give it to the property owners for my caches from time to time. Printing of a full cache page works ok on other sites. Situation appears to be only at geocaching.com. I tried clicking on No Logs, 5 logs, etc but that produced something that is just not presentable to a property owner to get and keep him captivated. Why would this change be made to cripple the presentation of the cache page? Am I missing something (new)?
  6. Not sure what the benefit is for the great story, helpful would be. Sounds good I guess but so far I have not seen one. If you want to do something like this that would help me as a cache owner and even as a cacher, show me a blue ribbon on the actual lot for the people who gave a favorite. cache happy
  7. I make printouts to give to the owners of private property where I have hidden caches. I noticed this same thing a week or so ago. I also noticed that on SOME cache pages when I click (File, Print) in Firefox there is a light area on the screen and on the printed page in the area of the GC logo and the cache title. Have not seen a way to fix these things. Firefox 88.0 Win 10
  8. Or another thought...why would someone NEVER give a favorite, despite having found thousands of caches? Surely some of them must have been worthy.
  9. The email from GS a couple of weeks ago telling me how many favorites I have available inspired me to raise the question. I thought surely that someone would have mentioned this, but maybe this is not well known. Why don’t you give Favorites? I have noticed that some cachers have found many THOUSANDS of caches but have never given even a single Favorite. Some of those people have hidden caches that have received Favorite points. I have also noticed that there are cachers, often caching in groups, who will travel to an area and find only caches that have lots of Favorite points. But these cachers often do not give Favorite points in recognition of the well done hides they are seeking. Often they post a cut and paste log. So if you specifically seek out caches with lots of Favorites, why don’t you also award those caches with Favorites? Maybe not all of the caches you find, but it seems like at least some would be deserving of recognition. I don’t expect a favorite for a lamp post or a guard rail (unless it has a breath taking view of the Grand Canyon). I know people whose lives have been changed dramatically by this game. The joy of being awarded a Favorite adds a ray of sunshine that can’t be found anywhere else. Favorites cost nothing but a mouse click on that Blue Heart just below the log form. The message to the CO is priceless, visible and lasting.
  10. I mainly used it to see if there were any lookers on a newly published cache. Even that had limitations since the access points were not all leaving a tell-tale. So therefore of limited use, but still a little bit helpful. Just dont see any privacy issue with the audit logs. Certainly not in comparison with your other posts and pics, as noted in the above post by hal-an-tow. If retention is truly an issue, delete certain items after a certain period of time. On occasion I will go into a cache page just to see if the CO (who I know) is paying attention. No one has ever said a word.
  11. ^^This. Why would you go caching without a pen? I have never seen a log that was too small to write on. Full log? write in the margins and file a NM. What you think if you went to a lot of trouble to create a nice cache in an interesting area, and someone claimed that they found the cache but didn't sign the log fecause they "forgot their pen"?
  12. ok Thank you for verifying that I have lost my my mind. I somehow managed to confuse looking at the finds page for another cacher with my own dashboard and expecting to see the star representing my own cache on my own dashboard. Could someone please close this thread and hide it under the rug somewhere beside my brain. Everything is back to wonderful now, at least as wonderful as it will ever get. Thank you.
  13. Yesterday I noticed that the "star" symbol for my caches is missing or blank when I look at my dashboard. I logged out, then back in. No change. I waited a bit to see if anyone would not a similar situation here, but none have. Have I lost my mind? (Wait, don't answer that) Are you seeing the same thing?
  14. Skirtlifting. Not as much fun as it sounds. Cliched, but true.
  15. Good luck. Hope it works out for you. It seems that the number of people that take pride in not reading the cache page at all might skew the outcome of the poll.
  16. Virtually every one I know has been made aware of this goof. One rides his bicycle nearly everywhere. Another does mountain hikes to fabulous views with a local very active cacher who caches along the way. Neither will look for caches while doing their respective caching related activity. So, out of all of those people, how may have taken up the game? Exactly... Zero.
  17. I wouldn't give the city any money for hiding a cache. Some thoughts before I offer something you may not have thought about. Talk with other local active cachers about how they handle things like this. Keep an eye out for a cacher who works for the city. Logs or their profile may help with this. Simply find another place to do a hide until you get your footing on the local issues. other ideas too, see what others have said. Now here is my favorite way to do a hide. Find a local (small) business where you know the owner. (Knowing the owner, either directly or through someone else, is a HUGE trust factor in your favor. One person I know in a town I don't even live in has introduced me to three other people and that has led to a half dozen cache hides, with more to come.) Small business, few people to engage...not Walmart, try Freds Hardware Store. You only want yo deal with one person, not a bureaucracy . Now develop a draft idea, go to that owner and say, "I have something for you that is easy, fun and free." They all like Free. Then explain the game, your plan, and that you want his blessing to place the cache on his property, and that you want him to have as much fun as the other people playing this goof do. As you make final preparations to do the hide, give him a copy of the cache page, then present him with a new cache page in a couple of weeks so he can see the recent logs, then every 4 months or so after. I usually include a short cover letter thanking him again for "letting us play in his yard". After a while and things are going well, ask him if he knows anyplace else that you can do a hide. Cache Happy
  18. Hey...thanks for LOUIS. Never heard of a quick and easy way to remember which letters are not used.
  19. How come I never heard about that discount? I miss the retired ap as much as anyone.
  20. Around these parts, some of us refer to the shrunken websize image as "Don't forget your purse"
  21. I too have wondered about the thinking of locals who brag that they never read the cache page. Readint the cache page can contribute so much to the experience, but you will never know if you don't read it. Then a light bulb came on...in the hint, I say "Read the Description" , possibly followed by a tiny hint. Can't say it has helped, but I don't think it has hurt.
  22. You can remove caches based on the cacher name (actually a column called Owner Id) if you use GSAK. Import all of the PQ's you want into a database. Set a filter for a certain Owner Id, then delete those caches from the database. This process can be automated in a script.
  23. GSAK can be a little intimidating, but after you work with it a while, you will wonder what all the fuss was about. I use the GPS menu choice to transfer caches from my computer to my gps. First (one time only) do GPS, setup to choose your gps. Connect your GPS to the computer Then...do GPS, send waypoints. Make any final adjustments to the transfer, usually making the choice of GPS devise is the only thing I must do. Click Send. Give it a few seconds and your gps is loaded.
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