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  1. I've now lived in Grand Cayman for just over a year. There are various cachers visiting from cruise ships and occasional cachers staying on island so I thought I'd create this New Topic for any queries or questions. At the moment, there are 70 caches listed on the island of Grand Cayman, one or two are temp disabled, but generally they are all in good shape. I've put out a few over the past year, so regular visitors have some updating to do! The sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have 8 and 3 each and I've not visited either (yet). Of note, the Brac has an Earthcache and Little has a new virtual placed Aug 2017. Grand Cayman has a good variety of caches: 1 letterbox 2 wherigos 2 unknown/puzzles 2 multis 3 virtuals (the old type, GC2978 is the oldest cache on island 22 Nov 2001) 5 earthcaches The rest are traditionals or events that either I or visitors have created. You could get 7 types in a day if you tried! For now, there isn't a country souvenir for Cayman Islands. Cayman is a British Overseas Territory, so doesn't qualify as a United Nations country, and none of the other BOTs have a souvenir, but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be one in the future. It does list on your profile for GC and ProjectGC as a country, so counts towards any challenges etc. Hope to hear from some Cayman Cachers!
  2. I have a bag full from a diabetic relative - ready to place complete with logbooks, but just waiting to hide. Scotland is relatively wet, so will report on their progress after the winter.
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