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Funny stuff on topo maps

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Originally posted by IFR GPS:

Do a TOPOZONE search for 48d 11.4 N / 114d 18.6 W, and observe the pentagon/pentagram around the courthouse.


Here's a picture, for those who don't want to go to all that work. Unfortunately, the reality isn't quite so cool, or at least it isn't anymore:




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A number of years ago a friend who worked in the map room at the University of Vermont library showed me a topo map from the late '50s that had a "UFO landing zone" on it. It was from somewhere in Nevada (Nellis? Area 51?). It wasn't on the next revision that came out a decade or so later. I'm going to have to contact her to see if I can get the specifics on this map. It was pretty funny.



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this isn't on a topo map ...but i worked on an intersection beautification in Albany where we added a landscaped bullnose ...i laid out the plantings and it wasn't until i did the rendering for a public info meeting that i realized i had drawn a pretty accurate picture of bozo the clown ...no one at the meeting noticed ..although i had to hold back laughter every time i saw it.

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I was just looking in a book on maps, and there have been instances where nonexistant towns were inserted in maps.


Two examples were given in an area around Chicago, they were both refrences to the City's basketball team or something. Still kinda interesting.






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Originally posted by rino120:

i just thought you might want to see this. I got bored becasue i was sick and stayed home from school today and got this picture from expert GPS.


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Why don't you just give the coords so we can see it ourselves?



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