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403.6 error

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I use a nokia c2, and regularly log my caches in the field especially if i drop off tb's. I tried to a cache today gc2afbp (and others) and got a "403.6 forbiddon" error. What have i done wrong?


I've started experiencing the exact same problem today with my Nokia 2720. I can still log into geocaching.com OK on it, but everytime I try to access a cache page, I get the message:

'403.6 - Forbidden

IP address of the client has been rejected.

The requested page can not be accessed via anonymous proxies'.


Any ideas what I can do to remedy this? I've never had any problems accessing the site via my mobile before and I haven't changed any settings on my phone recently :-(.

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They block like that by ip address..


What carrier are you using?


GS has hinted before at using some of the known proxy lists as block lists but those things are HIGHLY inaccurate.


What's a carrier? I know how to find out my IP address. If GS has blocked a range of them, is there someone I can contact to get mine unblocked? There doesn't seem to be any way that I can change my IP address with Opera Mini...

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This is an issue we have identified that affects Opera Mini. Our site does not allow anonymous proxy access, and it is tagging Mini as such due to the way it operates (rendering pages remotely and then sending a compressed snapshot of the pages to the phone to reduce bandwidth). In the process of serving up A/B tests of the old vs. new cache details pages for comparison, something has been misconfigured on the site to cause it to start blocking Opera Mini when attempting to view the old cache page design.


The team is investigating.

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Just wanted to pass this along to anyone still having trouble. I found a free mobile web browser that works similar to opera mini, but you can view and log caches again! its called UC Browser and you can download it from wap.ucweb.com for almost any phone. I played around with the settings and I think its actually faster and uses less data than opera mini. I have a pretty low end not-so-smart but not completely dumb phone, and it works for me a bajillion times better than trying to log a cache through my phone's native browser. I hope this info helps someone. :) happy caching.

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I see that Paige responded to your email asking for your IP address, but there was no response from you.

Ups, so I missunderstood the mail from Paige. He wrote:

Thanks for writing in. Please respond with your IP address so that I can look into this for you. You can find your IP adress by going to http://whatismyip.com on your mobile phone. I look forward to having answers for you soon!

What Does he mean with "IP adress"? Does he mean the IP adress of my computer? But why shall I go to http://whatismyip.com with my mobile phone? I wrote the request at the PC.




Now I tried the site http://whatismyip.com on my mobile phone with Opera Mini. I get the following answer:


Your IP Adress is:

Proxy Detected

Proxy IP:

Proxy Server: ---


Is this what he wants to know? All the values change if I switch off my phone and start again. Sorry, but I am not an expert.


Best regards


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Why should anybody install another browser? Opera mini is perfect, espacially because of its wonderful data compression.

The more important question is, why is it so difficult to fix this problem, that exists for weeks?



Same problem with Opera mobile, when offroad mode (data compression) is on.

Pleeeeease fix!

I don't want to use another browser, because data compression is the main reason for choosing Opera...

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Why should anybody install another browser? Opera mini is perfect, espacially because of its wonderful data compression.

The more important question is, why is it so difficult to fix this problem, that exists for weeks?


I agree!

After a great deal of struggling, I've managed to get a very old version of UC browser on my phone. It's not a patch on Opera Mini though - it's much slower, doesn't display pictures and won't allow me to post anything anywhere :mad: Not really a viable alternative...

I can't understand why it's taking so long to fix this error with Opera Mini?

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I'm using the UC browser java version 9.0 and the cache pages are still loading ok for me. Even went ahead and signed up for premium membership and can run pocket queries now on my phone. I have a pantech pbr-c503 phone (pretty much a fake low-end blackberry) using at&ts go phone service. So as you can see, Im right on the edge of obsoletion anyway. I know in my version of uc browser that you can go to settings>network>proxy and enter in websites you would like to use proxy for on my version, so maybe playing around with some of those settings can help you. for any others, heres what paige wrote me when I first emailed in. "Thank you for writing in. Our proxy block is there to protect the geocaching community from malicious users. We are currently working on a workaround for Opera Mini users. In the meantime, you will need to use your mobile phone's native browser to access Geocaching.com. If you are usingOpera Mobile, you should be able to add an exclusion to turn off "turbo" for http://www.geocaching.com/which will allow you to use this browser on your device.

We appreciate your patience withthis!


Paige Edmiston" I couldnt find where I could turn turbo off so thats when I started looking for a different solution and found uc. In my experience, its been just as fast and even has more features like the ability for tabbed browsing and saving to a cloud account instead of your phone. Its very unfortunate some are still unable to cache though. I feel for ya and hope they fix it soon! :)

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Thanks, JakeDanaiandConner. There is some hope that this may indeed work again for Opera Mini. However, still waiting ...


As for UC Browser, the version used on our Nokia N97 is V8.9.0.277 S60V5 pf50 (it's the latest version for the phone). There is no settings>network>proxy option. Tried to play around with Settings > Preferences > Network > Website Preferences. Was on "Default" before. Tried "Desktop". But still doesn't work. Can't find any other place to set or remove any proxy in this version of UC Browser.


As we said, UC Browser worked well for us until two days ago. Then all of a sudden yesterday, it could only get the "403.6 - Forbidden" message when clicking to a cache page.

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I am very annoyed that there is still no solution for the 403.6 error. Four (!) weeks ago it was reported and nothing has changed. The only chnage is, another similar browser has now the same error. Unbelievable! Well done, guys!


What is so difficult to fix it?

In other postings you often mentioned to improve your communication, but here I can see no responses. What is the status? Do you have problems, or a lack of delevopers, or are you even willing to fix it? Please inform us!


I use Opera on my mobile phone and on the ipad and it is my favorite browser. Why should I change it? All webpages in the world are available with Opera, geocaching.com is the one and only exception. Great job!


Furthermore, I am from Europe, where you have raised the Premium Membership prizes 30%. 30% more money and I cannot even use the browser that I want? I am very very disappointed!



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And still we wait... :angry:

I think we can wait until we are black (German saying). The errorcode was not only 403.6, but:


"IP adress of the client has been rejected. The requested page can not be accessed via anonymous proxies"


In my oppinion it is not a bug. Groundspeak seems to have decided to block the access via such proxies (opera mini is not the only browser that have this problem). This was an active decision of Groundspeak, not a bug, because all works normal until some weeks ago. And suddenly it doesn't work with such an errormessage? I don't know why Groundspeak decide to block the access via anonymous proxies, but I also don't know, why they should cancel this decision only because of some dammed Opera Mini user (and user of the other browsers working with proxy). I think all the written words here in this thread are waste of time.


Best regards


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I experienced this problem today and would ask that Grounspeak discontinue this practice.


I was using a proxy.


When away from home using open wifi hotspots there is a real risk of problems from software like firsheep (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firesheep) and other malicious software. A proxy protects my internet session, accounts and passwords.


Since I have to log into Geocaching.com to use my account they have my name and, as a premium member, know my home address, credit card details etc. It is not like I could use the proxy to anonymously post inappropriate logs or messages.


If someone wanted to post anonymously then tor + sock puppet account would easily work around any proxy blocklists.


All that the use of proxy blocklists achieves is to cause problems for legitimate users. They don't work reliably. There are good and legitimate reasons for using a VPN (virtual private network) as I do when using open wifi hotspots.


I'm sure those who introduced this meant well and thought it was a good idea but it has significantly negative unintended consequences,


If Groundspeak feel they have good reason's for doing this then let us hear them and answer them.


At the very least turn it off for signed in paying customers. You know who I am and you know where I live as soon as I sign in and I can't use my account without doing so. My use of a VPN to protect my internet connection is reasonable behaviour, quite frankly more people should be doing it.




Michael (of Thirteen00).

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Another nail in the coffin for Blackberry users


Checked today and with operamini and still receiving the same error.

This was the only browser that could access the cache page maps.


Now if I use the OEM browser, Cannot even login to the site since about a month ago. No response from signin link.


Could Groundspeak please take a look into this solvable issue.



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Was there a change?


Today I was able to load cache listing pages in Opera Mobile Classic for Android with activated "Opera Turbo", without getting the 403.6 error!


Can anybody confirm this?

Oh my dear Groundspeak, it seems you are not living in actual time. Yes, I can confirm that Opera Mobile Classic works now on GC.com with activated "Opera Turbo". But it doesn't work well. The loadingtime is longer than without Turbo Mode and the site will not be loaded completely. Opera Mini and Opera Browser in Offroad Mode still doesn't work on GC.com.


Dear Groundspeak,

thank you for activating the access via Opera Mobile Classic in Turbo Mode. But Opera Classic is the dead horse of the Opera Browsers. Mobile Classic will no longer been maintained and updated by Opera. The actual Browsers are "Opera Mini" and "Opera Browser" (with Offroad Mode). The community will thank you very very much, if you bring us back the access via these two browsers, specially Opera Mini.


Best regards


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