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  1. Would be great if it worked again. The calender links was/is a wonderful feature...
  2. Yes, it works that way somehow. But there is the same issue with scrolling and scrolling and scrolling - instead of simple pages with 20 entries
  3. Since the '+' in nicknames works perfectly with the old search , it should also work with any redesigned search. No discussion in my opinion...
  4. I am very disappointed by this change. The function I use most is now only crippled. I would like to know if there is any added value for the geocacher - please, forum participants, tell me, maybe I missed something. All disadvantages have already been explained in detail in the previous 5 pages, no advantages were found. The worst, by the way, is the limitation to 1000 caches and the scrolling, scrolling, scrolling....(instead of pages), especially on mobile phones not practicable. Good thing that I use GSAK at least for my own finds (unfortunately more than 1000 ;-). By the way, GSAK is a software that has only implemented functionality that the customer (geocacher) has requested. Groundspeak should do the same. I haven't heard anyone complaining about the old sorting in any way, everything was fine. The only sense behind this action I see is the adjustment of the outdated programming. But then please update the underlying source code and do not change the functionality also. And now you are tinkering with the software so you can mitigate the bad features a bit. But the best (and most honest) way to do would be to scrap the whole change and tick it off as a bug. The geocachers would thank you for it!
  5. Yes, my fault. I was not aware that GC Little Helper is running in the background. One of config items of GClh makes the "Browse geocache" button invisible. Thank you for the quick response.
  6. There seems to be a bug with the latest Firefox. In FF (v 82.0.3) I cannot see the button "Browse geocache" on the map and so I cannot change the view. With Edge for example the button is there (see pics)
  7. Mh, sorry, but I have never noticed a "slower response" for my last 30 days logs. The "last 30 days" is perfect to look back to my last activities, looking to recent DNF caches (have they found after my DNF) and so on. The recent log section has to be time-related (30 days), not number-related (the last 20 logs). By the way: Why haven't you asked these questions before changing the web sites? Would have been less work load for your web designer...
  8. I have used GSAK for Logging for years. Very convenient handling! That is the best idea and my personal recommendation to avoid the original log pages. GSAK is very customer oriented software development. I hope I will never have to use the GC Log-web-site.
  9. - Lots of wasted space. On the right and on the left. And too many lines for the same information in the old design. Everyone has a 21"+ monitor, why don't you use that space? - Get rid of these friend logs. I want to see my recent logs, not from other people. I will use the old design, which has obviously more information and is clearly arranged.
  10. There are no problems with wrong addresses. I never got a bill or anything else on paper to my home address, and nobody has ever checked the address (not even the country). I received always e-mails, so the address does not mind.
  11. It is tradition at Groundspeak that they never test their updates. The customer can do this.
  12. All caching lists in all tested browsers has the same error: I wonder why Groundspeak is not able to test some simple functions. But actually it is the same in all previous releases, they have never tested their changes Sorry to say that but it is fact.
  13. dbox

    403.6 error

    I am very annoyed that there is still no solution for the 403.6 error. Four (!) weeks ago it was reported and nothing has changed. The only chnage is, another similar browser has now the same error. Unbelievable! Well done, guys! What is so difficult to fix it? In other postings you often mentioned to improve your communication, but here I can see no responses. What is the status? Do you have problems, or a lack of delevopers, or are you even willing to fix it? Please inform us! I use Opera on my mobile phone and on the ipad and it is my favorite browser. Why should I change it? All webpages in the world are available with Opera, geocaching.com is the one and only exception. Great job! Furthermore, I am from Europe, where you have raised the Premium Membership prizes 30%. 30% more money and I cannot even use the browser that I want? I am very very disappointed! Ruediger.
  14. The same thing with every update: Nobody from the Groundspeak team has ever tested. Or why can such an obvious error like "Loading Logs...." occur? Or did you only test the language changes and not the rest? Neither Firefox nor Opera will load any log...
  15. dbox

    403.6 error

    Why should anybody install another browser? Opera mini is perfect, espacially because of its wonderful data compression. The more important question is, why is it so difficult to fix this problem, that exists for weeks?
  16. Unfortunately the Opera Mini bug is still not fixed
  17. dbox

    403.6 error

    When UC works, why is not possible for Groundspeak to fix the Opera Mini problem. Now it is more than 10 days, and a solution is not yet available
  18. So do I. I'm using Opera Mini in my mobile, because the listings (and geocaching.com pages generally) are data-consuming. The same here. Should be changed quickly, because Opera Mini is in widespread use. Only cache listings do not work, the rest of gc.com is ok.
  19. You do not need an US geocacher. Even Europeans can gift a PM to each other and will pay 30 Dollar for that (not EUR!).
  20. In my opinion A ) 99% will renew. B ) If GS was illegal, they should know this. If they were legal, we should know this. C ) 99% will stay. Sad, but I think nothing will happen...
  21. What about a footer in each log we write? This is really public!
  22. Could it be possible that recurring membership is no longer available? I can see only the options "1 year" and "3 months".
  23. I wrote an e-mail to GS, asking - where I can see the percentage of the VAT and how much it is. - if I get an invoice with the stated VAT for my PM - where I can see the public VAT (in my opinion all is legally required) The only answer to all question was:
  24. In the meantime we have a web site from an authority where we can complain. But what about the rest of the countries? E.g. I could not find an address or an e-mail for Germany where I could complain about irregular VAT business.
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