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  1. looks like a mobile app.. issue is with logging in a PC. I don't use any mobile app and log ONLY from GSAK and the website. So why is the option removed from the bottom of the website to contact Groundspeak?
  2. I do not have the pictured options on my windows computer. this look like a smartphone app
  3. looks like an moble device app and not a personal computer...
  4. PC log doesn't work, as stated at the beginning of the post.
  5. Even the "contact us page" is not working link does not work.
  6. What happened to the site,.. Option for NM, Archive is missing from the drop down box. can only log: note find didn't find Has Needs Maintenance and Needs archived been removed from the website?
  7. I too have received bogus logs from he/she. Made a visit to 3 random claimed finds and no signature was present. Filled out the contact form at groudspeak and received a canned response. Replied back and only heard was crickets. In the process of deleting 161 logs
  8. Doesn't work on the following: Firefox 74.0.1 on windows 10 with latest updates Chrome Version 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit) iPhone 13.4.1 on safari. add to watch does work, but not to LIST
  9. As of today, not receiving OWNER emails on two separate accounts on two different email providers. spam folders/filters are clear. am receiving all other logging emails, just not owner.
  10. So all the images from many years ago are just wiped out? I haven't looked, but are the first photos from the beginnings just gone? Many of the first hiders posted images on your site. Could not grandfather them in before moving to some 3rd party cloud account. It's a real shame that this approach was taken and leaves your database open for attack from a bad actors moving to a 3rd/4th party. Groundspeak spent money to throw away history. I wonder if my personal information is safe? Amazon /AWS is not a great solution. This resonates on my initial payment to Groundspeak. When I joined, their was a fire in the data center and was left with a website down for a week or so. Giving my credentials to your site and forwarding to an company that has an XML feed to every major/minor web present company on the planet. This does not sit well with me. Just want to play the the game and have fun and not have to worry of some data breach. It's inevitable using these scripts. Have updated my 120 day outage rebuttal on Google Earth also.
  11. I searched around and found the answer is no. Per the project-gc owner, it's not going to happen. IF I am incorrect, please point me in the correct direction to use unfounded hides in a delorme square. Approaching 120 days of google earth being down
  12. I have seen broken images hosted on the website and a few EarthCaches have been disabled by an Admin... Some images do not show on the cache pages that are hosted by Groundspeak... traditional caches. Exampled provided https://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/95136_200.jpg https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCGZRV_heenan-lake Who is https://www.nginx.com/ ? and display is just a marketing tool that that has failed. Is this just another '3rd party' sucking up geolocations and not providing Groundspeak images?
  13. Update on the ticket is worthwhile to all the members It's been 90days since first reported. I would like to do some delorm squares and counties. Have tried troubleshooting several different ways and no avail. Groundspeak map will not show county lines or the squares. Please don't pawn me to a 3rd party site when Groundspeak is suppose the be the top of geocaching sites $30 for the past 11 years for geodata. please resolve
  14. Since GSAK was reset on my PC on 6-2018, Here is my macro interactions. GoogleEarth.gsk 351 times Challenge.gsk 13 times since GSAK was reinstalled on 6/2018 Forum topic: Posted March 9 moved to Geocaching topics Posted March 13 reported bug I've reported this issue to the engineers and documented it in our issue tracking software. I can't say when or even if they will get to it, as it has pretty low usage (although I'm sure that it's more than 200 people). <when or ever????> It's been more that 15 days and would like this (maybe a paid feature) to be resolved. Please BUMP-UP to high priority at this point. I would like to finish some delorm grids
  15. Any update yet? reinstalled google earth pro, signed in to both geocaching and earth. Still the red dot.
  16. Why am I seeing this message
  17. Red dot and tried to download again to see if maybe their was an issue the the old KML. No go
  18. This issue might be to the class action lawsuit stealing money from the users that had paid for the smartphone app Needed to find the rule for logging a cache and Groundspeak.com is reverted to https://www.geocaching.com/careers No rules apply any longer.. Just log a find from a smartphone. Just deleted a few finds from an eathcache as the email was never sent. I quit!
  19. Geocaching sucks now.. Had 90 months of FTF's that ended in January. Groundspeak has aimed to a mobile app and has lost support for handheld garmin support. Geocaching killed benchmarks, waymarks and WIGO with the last update. Why even play the game? Should I create a new ghost account to find everything again.
  20. New default.aspx is missing: 1. No benchmarks 2. No Waymarks 3. No Advanced search 4. No Geocache Google Earth Viewer 5. Bug: Is listed under 'Community' that is forward to forums a. View Your Friends b. View Your Stat Bar After logging into forum, found benchmark and waymark is missing from the hierarchy. Is Wherigo (with no Groundspeak support) going to be defunct too? Hard to believe that the all the benchmarks were archived by the government. Groundspeak/Geocaching has also eliminated traveling caches. Groundspeak/Geocaching was founded on finding locations, containers using Government owned satellite and are 24 in all. Has the focus gone to advertising revenue and not the millions of $ spent by actual players. New default.aspx 1. Recent logs need to (unfriend) everyone 2. half missing recently viewed entry does not show in full. a. Black heart. What is that? It shows on caches that I have never found or looked for. just looked at the cache page that is now archived. b. Under the cache name is <description> have a RPM gauge, a number, picture of a hill, ruler, and small. This might be container size as indicated by 4 '----' What ever the for hyphens mean I have bought your trinkets, spent $30 a year for the past 8 years. You killed my blackberry browser ($600)and had to buy another device. paid $10 for an app that was working perfectly. Where does it end?
  21. Had the same issue many years ago. Was using a Blackberry with Opera browser. I had to ditch the BB. Check your browser and/or VPN
  22. Cannot sign in to geocaching.com on two accounts. Using Firefox and Chrome. Firefox with no script alerts me to a new javascript from Microsoft msecnd.net that collect personal information. AWS/cloudfront is an another issue. Please fix.
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