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  1. Why there is not an option to fill in caption of photos, when uploading/adding?
  2. So simply, it's not really a solution. Unfortunately. Maybe it could be better to receive some systemic solution from Groundspeak. For example to have option, to choose between plain text and html emails or at least limit number of unnecessary spaces in emails. However thanks for your effort
  3. Understood ... my "solution" is nothing more than a hack for those of us comfortable with making such changes. I don't expect a whole lot of non-tech weenies to use it. Just something I wanted to share since it works for me. Unfortunately your solution is not working too... It worked from start, but after couple of hours I've received this message: "Service was initiated in one day more times than allowed". Is somebody from GS reading this topic? It would be great, if there will be at least some official response...
  4. Same on desktop (Win 10, Firefox, GMail). Is it possible to make it "smaller" with not so much unnecessary space?
  5. Are you talking about the maps on the geocaching or Waymarking site? It's (unfortunately just) about Geocaching + Of course function "search from here" doesn't work again.
  6. No, this is not Google map. This is http://leafletjs.com/
  7. "Not as handy as having it up on the upper right but still accessible." What to say, maybe just that this is not the best approach which one could expect for premium members and active users of Waymarking. There were no improvement about such bugs as W/E one, or map showing middle of Atlantic ocean, but changing map for unusable one, of course, here you have it - without warning or debate... I'm so sorry, but this is disappointing even for Groundspeak standards.
  8. It's so so so much wrong decision to implement such maps, especially because of review process. How could I check right coordinates with OSM and without satellite view? I loved google street view for such purpose... It looks as the last straw for me with Waymarking website. No improvement, just such "downgrade"
  9. Please, please, please give us the option of hiding "Recently Viewed Caches." I can find the link at the top of the page. I know what I viewed recently. Why you removed such option in settings? And how are the news about text email option? or/and about HTML implementing of BB code from logs?
  10. Maybe it's problem of Gmail, or some bug of last release, but why, when were all messages from Groundspeak pushed into HTML form, there are not converted these BBCode things? We don't have option for plain text mails, but at same time these mails are not in full HTML, what sounds weird.
  11. Maybe it's problem of Gmail, or some bug of last release, but why, when were all messages from Groundspeak pushed into HTML form, there are not converted these BBCode things? We don't have option for plain text mails, but at same time these mails are not in full HTML, what sounds weird.
  12. When will coordinates be added to the published notifications?
  13. Why, when was whole new cache publication email changed, are not included (at least for traditional caches) coordinates?
  14. I agree, this is kind of stupid. I would prefer just to see 'km'. Sounds as something You can correct to make us happy. I prefer just "km" too.
  15. Something is still not working as it should. Please make it work: Really nice to see, that one week since I were not online, nothing has changed in Groundspeak HQ. I'm kind of sad and disappointed about that, especially, when it can't be so hard to make an option, to have simple plain text email. But why to listen paying customers...
  16. This format on us Groundspek long tested within Wymarking. But there we took it as a harmless folklore and so it did not matter. I almost forgot that it happened but it's true - with Waymarking I'm still not done with getting over all the bugs and surprises, which are provided by that "full and more than enough replacement of virtual and webcam caches".
  17. I understand the changes, keep it for those, who wants them, but please for the rest of us, give us the option to have just plain text (no HTML) emails from Groundspeak (includes notifications, owner messages or PMs...) Thanks
  18. +1 - that's all what i want, just to have an option - I can understan HTML in PMs, but not in notifications...
  19. Category Dead Vehicles (Nomen omen ;-) ) looks abandoned. I wrote to Checkmark, but he didn't respond to me last half an year. Is below mentioned topic still actual? Is there any other way how to do a category "coup" and make it active? Category: http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=b18c1221-f795-4d0e-8120-a8933adab122&wft=2&uid=cc6c6c4e-ff20-4e3e-a340-d7377ff98192&st=124 Topic: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=309195
  20. And it looks, that Google Street View is gone again For review process it's (more it was) really useful feature...
  21. Thank you mighty horse-head Radnor Call me naive, but after all the years with waymaking, now I have some hope, that one day even the E-W bug will be fixed
  22. Sorry, my fault, I meant Street View As is English not my native language, such mistakes can happen easily... However, have to say that it's much better now with such working map (and tropical islands better than Seattle ;-) - but i still really miss these function clickable icons
  23. 1) sometimes (1:20-30), i still see above mentioned islands, but it's much better than with Seattle bug 2) GSW is back - thanks 3) Icons still not click-able
  24. 1) Mentioned above - not so correct coordinates, moved cache etc. 2) For geocache betatesting/creating - how far are final caches - you can't remember all of them and you need exactly these 160 meters (especially in city centres). 3) If I solve cache (letterbox, Wherigo) and final cache is so far - so to save final coordinates as with multi or mystery for next day/trip... 4) For friends if calling and asking me for checking their coordinates, that he/she can't find and need just help... And you can find many other reasons...
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