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  1. There used to be a button "Add to List" on the Search Results page for adding selected geocaches to your own list. But this button has disappeared recently. Have tried with multiple browsers: Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome (all latest versions) under Windows 10.
  2. huhugrub

    403.6 error

    Anyone from Groundspeak who would care to update / state their position on this matter please?
  3. huhugrub

    403.6 error

    Thanks, JakeDanaiandConner. There is some hope that this may indeed work again for Opera Mini. However, still waiting ... As for UC Browser, the version used on our Nokia N97 is V8.9.0.277 S60V5 pf50 (it's the latest version for the phone). There is no settings>network>proxy option. Tried to play around with Settings > Preferences > Network > Website Preferences. Was on "Default" before. Tried "Desktop". But still doesn't work. Can't find any other place to set or remove any proxy in this version of UC Browser. As we said, UC Browser worked well for us until two days ago. Then all of a sudden yesterday, it could only get the "403.6 - Forbidden" message when clicking to a cache page.
  4. huhugrub

    403.6 error

    We had a similar problem with Opera Mini since last month. After reading an earlier post, we installed UC Browser. This worked well ... until yesterday. But today, even UC Browser got this 403.6 error. Help.
  5. I can't find the "project a waypoint" function in this top-of-line model. Can others confirm this, or have I missed something?
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