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  1. I am joining the chorus: Dear HQ, PLEASE give us back the access to names and coordinates of adventure lab stages! Without this, ALs are really cumbersome to handle and the motivation of many geocachers - including me - to visit them will decrease to zero again.
  2. The search map (https://www.geocaching.com/play/map) is not working for me now, a blank page is displayed (all browers).
  3. OK, the sender address for watchlist mails has been changed back to "noreply@geocaching.com" Thanks a lot!!
  4. That's my problem My mail provider doesn't let me change the filters at the moment. Must be a bug...
  5. Why has the sender address for watchlist, owner and notification mails been changed from 'noreply@geocaching.com' to 'invalid@geocaching.com'? My mail filters don't work correctly anymore. Could you use the old sender address again, please?
  6. Offenbar ist die Kommunikation zwischen GC und GMX gestört. Wenn ich in meinem GC-Profil eine ...@gmx.ch-Adresse als primäre Adresse angebe, habe ich ebenfalls die oben beschriebenen Verspätungen. Seit ich eine andere (nicht-GMX) Adresse als primäre GC-Adresse eingetragen habe und die Mails von dort an meine GMX-Adresse weiterleite, sind die Verspätungen verschwunden.
  7. If I find a traditional cache with 9 favorite points and give it an additional favorite point, will I earn 15 points or just 5? With other words, which favorite point score is relevant, the score before or after my log?
  8. Yes, I have a GMX address too . As a workaround, I changed my primary address to another provider. If the mails are redirected from there to GMX, they arrive without delay. Not a really satisfying solution, but works for me at the moment...
  9. Same phenomenon here. Many "Owner", "Watchlist" and "Instant (!) notification" mails arrive with huge delays (several hours).
  10. The profile settings icon is missing. The link is working, but cogwheel icon has disappeared.
  11. +1 The timestamp of the field notes was very important to me, when I forgot the time I logged a cache. Now I can't check the time of the field note any more Please bring back the time on the drafts (field notes) page! Thank you
  12. Hi I use the app mainly for messaging and usually don't need the map. To avoid unnessecary data usage of several MB with each app start, I would really appreciate if the map was not opened by default when starting the app. Wouldn't it be more useful to display the main menu or at least to provide a setting to choose what to show after the app start? Besides that, the app keeps asking me to change my location settings, although I've answered this question with 'Never' a hundred times. Very annoying!
  13. Not only the new cache notifications, but all watchlist and owner log mails have changed for the worse. It is very annoying that we have to scroll down in order to read the important thing, which is the log text. Please omit the ugly banner (or at least move it to the end) and decrease the line spacing. We would really prefer to see the log text, we already know that the mail comes from Geocaching.com!
  14. c-h-b

    No Log Notifications

    All missing messages have arrived now
  15. c-h-b

    No Log Notifications

    Same Problem here! No owner, watchlist and PQ notifications for the last 20 hours
  16. Oh yes! It's really very cumbersome to read the HTML mails on a smartphone. I always have to change the orientation to landscape and zoom in Text emails used to be nice and easy to read... Why is it so important to you to annoy your paying customers? At least give us a choice!
  17. I think the new "published" notification subject line is quite useful, BUT it needs a more distinguishable tag or word like "[GEO]" or "published". The words "New" and "Cache" are not specific enough to filter these notifications efficiently.
  18. c-h-b

    403.6 error

    Am I dreaming? Today I can open cache listings with Opera Mini without getting an error message...
  19. c-h-b

    GC Map View broken

    Same here (Firefox 26 and IE 11). If the cache contains additional waypoints, the larger map on the listing page does not display correctly. No problem if there are no additional waypoints.
  20. c-h-b

    403.6 error

    Was there a change? Today I was able to load cache listing pages in Opera Mobile Classic for Android with activated "Opera Turbo", without getting the 403.6 error! Can anybody confirm this?
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