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website down?


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Is anyone else having troubles with pqs? I have a pq but it won't generate. It says "last generated never"


We are running out of daylight and a big storm is coming...must geocache!!!


Well you can still load the query from the site 20 at a time by checking all, download , send with your GPS connected to the computer

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You know - before there were PQs, people just loaded the caches by hand




I usually find 10 or fewer caches at a time so I can usually load them one at a time just as fast as I can using a pocket query. Yesterday I wanted a pocket query to map a series of 50+ puzzles caches that I solved and updated coordinates on and I was bummed when I couldn't do it. Moreover, it's shouldn't be surprising that premium members are unhappy when they can't use the features they pay for.

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I'm also experiencing problems with PQs. Got one this morning with 11 caches in it, when normally there would be around 800.


Also, my Ignore List bookmark is corrupted. Yesterday there were 3 caches in it, instead of the some 850 I had had.


Seems to be a really bad bug in the system somewhere ........

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