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  1. Post field notes, this has made logging lots of caches in a day very easy for us. The 450t has a visit file which you can upload to geocaching.com which makes logging a lot faster. Sorry if this has already been covered.
  2. I really can't believe someone would be that low, I will keep an eye out for you.
  3. Same, hit the big 1000 today
  4. I have been trying to get the "my finds" pocket query to run for the last few hours with no luck. I get the message "Your 'My Finds' Pocket Query has been scheduled to run" but when I click on the download tab it has the old query on it - "My Finds Pocket Query 417.72 KB 943 31/03/2012 (last day available)" I last ran a my finds on 31/03/2012 at 11:31:48. I have also not received a email saying it has run. Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. I swear by led lenser, I have a P17 which is great for caching at night but it did cost a lot. IMO it was well worth the money.
  6. Another +1 for the Oregon 450, We were lucky enough to use my dads for a month before committing to the big spend. I havn't had a chance to test out the chirp facility yet but have used it for 2 Wherigo.
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