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Stolen cache GC3F0A1


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Dont know why you are accusing a Prem member of swiping it though :blink:

I have to agree, you do get nasty cachers out there who will damage or steal your cache, but that doesn't mean a cacher has stolen yours! Muggles do stumble across containers and a lot of them do either steal them or trash them. It's one of the hazards of caching I'm afraid.

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Looks like an interesting cache.

pity its gone AWOL.

Dont know why you are accusing a Prem member of swiping it though :blink:

Where does He do that?

In his log on the cache

and this one


Are all premium members law abiding by definition? Do criminals not cache?

I'm sure that they're not, and no doubt they do, but then again that's not the point Madyokel was making!

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Given the nature of the cache and its location, it possibly isn't surprising that someone perhaps saw it being 'used'. Might not be a main road but could be busy enough.

Suspect caches such as this need to be in a place less likely to be overlooked by Muggles.

Alternatively, it could have been nicked by a member on holiday in the area, intent on using it themselves nearer home so it will be interesting to hear of any 'new' ones such as this cropping up.

Hope it turns up

p.s. I wasn't anywhere near over Easter :unsure: - I was in the Dales.

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