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  1. Put it this way, would you want someone to hold your TB for 7 weeks? If the answer is no, then drop them and find some closer to the time.
  2. There are a few caches like this. A recent find on one had the lifeguard helicopter called out to rescue people they thought were stuck. I would ask a reviewer.
  3. Continue to use the Macro that you are using and export the caches as a GGZ file into your Garmin. Don't let this confuse you, its just the same as a GPX file with more compression. Make sure your dashboard is set to Geocaching. After that, don't mess with the filters. Make sure that all types are slected, along with all Difficulty, Terrain and Awesomeness. Choose the Found and DNF status, do not choose Found Choose all cache sizes. You should now be good to go.
  4. "didn't sound like it" - why did it not sound like Geocachers? What do they sound like? Also, if they were muggers is 4ft not close enough? Sounds like a woman panicking for no reason
  5. The information on my website may help you; http://geocaching.co.uk/blog/put-caches-gps/
  6. The information on my website may help you a little - http://geocaching.co.uk/gps/garmin-etrex-series/ I would however recommend a Dakota 20 over the eTrex series, mainly due to the touchscreen instead of a fiddly joystick. You will find lots of help and advice over on the Facebook UK Geocaching group.
  7. Unlimited data is very cheap these days. I pay £20 a month for unlimited calls, texts and data. nb - This is a LOT less then our cousins in the USA pay. They are robbed blind!
  8. We in the UK are not in the habit of suing anyone and everyone just because you stub your toe.
  9. Hardly a 'host', and none really needed ... The facts are the facts. I don't know what else to say. I am just glad you can't come find my Chirp cache. Must be galling knowing there are caches out there that you can't find because you did not do your due diligence enough.
  10. As mentioned the Dakota 20 is a touchscreen and it is also able to find Chirp caches, as well as a host of other functions that the eTrex20 cannot manage. For your budget, it is the only GPS worth considering. The Dakota is also NOT discontinued.
  11. You can compare the eTrex series here - http://geocaching.co.uk/gps/garmin-etrex-series/ I would recommend a Dakota 20 over any of them but if you have one, get a 30. The electronic compass comes in great as does the ability to complete 'Chirp' caches.
  12. If you are in the UK and on the 3 network, there are no extra charges in using your phone in the following countries Australia Austria Denmark Finland France Hong Kong Indonesia Israel Italy Macau Norway Republic of Ireland Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland United States
  13. Go into your Waypoint manager and delete the ones number 1-20 - simple
  14. What file do you have them in? I do not use Birdseye on my 650 so I just place my maps (I have 5 different types) in the root GARMIN folder.
  15. If you have FB then join the Geocaching group on there (4500+ UK members) - this forum is little used now.
  16. So GLONASS, which as I said, makes no difference on my 650, so I keep if off. I think the pressure (Dakota has Barometric altimeter, Etrex has not) is getting to you. I think the Tide (Dakota has Tide Tables, the eTrex does not) has turned. Your heart must be pounding (Dakota is Heart Rate monitor compatible, the eTrex is not) Maybe I should jump on my bike (Dakota is Bike speed/cadence sensor compatible, the eTrex is not) and show you my Customizable screen (which you can do on a Dakota, not on an eTrex) and share it with you wirelessly (Oh, the Dakota can do this too, but not to an eTrex as its not compatible) We will have to agree to disagree but the facts are the facts. The eTrex 30 price point makes the eTrex 20 not worth considering. As for there being a whole section of Geocaching that you can't get to (and is only going to get bigger, that would drive me crazy.
  17. lol - How is the eEtex more modern and capable As I said, you cant complete chirp caches, its not touchscreen and it does not have an electronic compass. If you want a Joystick, Chirp and Electronic compass, spend an extra £19 If you want a touchscreen, Chirp and Electronic compass, spend £6 less. If you dont want Chirp or an Electronic compass, buy a eTrex 20. Simple.
  18. I don't notice any difference with using GLONASS to be honest. I also would not buy a GPS from anywhere but Amazon, where the Dakota is cheaper. £144.28 for the eTrex and £137.99 for the Dakota. Saying that, why would anyone buy an eTrex 20 when the 30 is just £19 more expensive?
  19. You cant Chirp on a eTrex 20, and you have no GLONASS on the Dakota (which I turn off on my Oregon 650) - so the Dakota is a lot more capable as there are a whole bunch of caches that you can' do. You also have a touchscreen ( and larger screen ) on the Dakota as opposed to a joystick and a smaller screen. http://www.gpscity.com/compare/etrex20&dakota20
  20. The eTrex 20 is also more expensive than the Dakota 20
  21. Go for the Dakota20. Larger screen that the eTrex, touchscreen and Chirp ability.
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