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Why didn't I do this cache when I was in...

Simply Paul
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...Prague, in my case: Styx


I often come back from a trip somewhere and spot a cache or two I really should've gone for while in the area. Do you suffer from the same problem? What have you missed out on and kicked yourself afterwards for?


Completely. Recently my wife and I spent three weeks in Canada and of the 300 caches i planned to snag between Vancouver and Calgary i only managed 50.

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Yup, "Shackleton's Rest" (GCZ8ZK) in South Georgia. Thanks to a shoogly GPS reception which was taking me every which way, and a time limit in which I also wanted to see Grytviken, it eluded me, only for another cacher to see my pictures and comment "See that...? It's behind there!" *Sigh*


I then also got home to discover that another one had been published in Grytviken between my leaving and getting there and I'd walked right past it. Dubious hiding place as you're not allowed to touch any of the old whaling relics there, and the description seems to involve doing just that...


Ach well, plenty of other great finds I have made, but it's just a shame about these as it's highly unlikely I'll ever get the chance to return.



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Our caching buddies the Beauchiefs gave us a good idea - once we had shelled out for a 3G phone and downloaded the GS and CGeo software. Every time we go anywhere, as soon as we park up I quickly fire up the phone and have a look to see if there are any local caches. Doesn't work every time due to reception problems but does save missing caches !!

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I travelled to England to stay with my daughter in Prickwillow (near Ely) this year. I solved "Count on me" and was looking forward to finding it when I realised that I had left the correct coords at home (in Germany) and because the Internet connection is so bad in Prickwillow I was unable to solve it again. So now I shall have to wait until I am bach in England again.

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