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Hannibal Geocoin


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New on the Geocoinfest in Cologne: Hannibal Geocoin


You might know the story:

Hannibal was a military commander from Carthage.

During the 2nd Punic, war he went over the Pyrenees and Alps to fight the Romans where he used elephants to help him......

He managed to occupy parts of Italy for a time, but was defeated by the romans again lateron.


Watch this short movie:


The Geocoin is 2" high and has very detailed 3D elements on front and back.

At the event, there will be 3 versions available: antique bronze, antique silver and antique copper.

After the event, there will be 3 more versions with soft enamel coloring.


The Geocoin is trackable at geocaching.com and with its own icon.







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Cool coin. I was thinking of a different Hannibal when I saw the thread title!


I was also thinking about the same one you did. This Hannibal is a lot nicer. It is a very nice coin, I will have to pick one up at the event.

:laughing: - ditto... glad it wasn't... Well, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?

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I should have know this would popup. :D

If you search google, the 'other' option will probably be more available.


But I'm more into history, although I think 'my' Hannibal wasn't such a friendly person too.

Maybe not a cannibal, but still.....



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