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  1. Wow! That's all I've got to say: wow! I love Roman History, and Hannibal has always been a favorite of mine. I'd love to see this available for purchase.
  2. I bought a travel bug dog tag; but after seeing how often they go missing, I decided to attach it to something people could steal or misplace... myself. Here's the link to the travel bug page: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2964464. I was wondering if this is... not sure what word to use exactly... ethical? legal? moral? What are your thoughts on tracking yourself? Can it be done? Or are trackables supposed to only be items that you place out into the wild? My main reasons, by the way, are to see how much distance I gather in my geocaching adventures, and to see how many people can discover me. Thanks—
  3. I think if it's a historical site, why not? Especially if the school endorses it. Plus, it could prove to be a great opportunity to teach the students a little about history through geocaching by a teacher incorporating it into a lesson.
  4. I am relatively new to geocaching and need some help about choosing where to geocache. I have access to both the inner-city Portland, Oregon and the Portland suburbs. Since I'm going to be dedicating some time to geocache; where do you suggest I go? Do you have a preference between the city and the 'burbs? Is there any difference between the types or quality of caches? Any advice about one or the other? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! -Griffin!
  5. Dear GeoFriend, Cache - GC2AJM5 - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=209b1470-3e1d-4ae7-a97c-e9afe1e11d7f I have a cache that I would love to be the recipient of a resident GeoCoin. The cache is very lonely, you see. It is both a mystery cache, a rarely visited cache (this is why it needs a coin to keep it company), and my favorite geocache that I own. And since the coins are looking for a nice place to settle down, might I add that the cache is hidden in Portland, Oregon's historic Ladd's Addition neighborhood; one of the oldest and most oddly shaped neighborhoods on the west coast. The cache is very safe and most of the people who visit it are veteran geocachers who would love to discover it. Thanks for your consideration! -Griffin!
  6. I'd love to help out! I'm in Oregon!
  7. I'm pretty new to geocaching and I was wondering if people often leave FTF prizes. What's the best FTF swag you've seen?
  8. I recently decided to change my username. And I sent the change name request a few days ago. And it still hasn't changed. Should I send another one, or does it just take time? Thank for your help!
  9. Right Now I am trying to add a JPEG image on one of my descriptions. I have seen it don't before so I know it is possible I'm just not sure how. I saw a background image section in the add a geocache form but I think that's just for the web page background. If anybody could tell me how to add an image to the description that would be great! Thanks!
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