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  1. The Dragon Warriors arrived today and reserved coins have been shipped. The special editions and sets will be shipped in January. The coins are available at geocachingshop.nl.
  2. Already for some time, there was an idea.... Together with a local tattoo artist, Ganesh-Tattoo and Chris Mackey, this idea has been transformed into a masterpiece and will be available very soon! Pre-sales has been started now. There will be 8 different versions. 2 special editions are in our shop only will be available in the set. There will be a special holding frame available for thye storage of the complete set of 8 coins. The coins are 55 mm in diameter and appr 6 mm thick. They are trackable via Geocaching.com have will have an unique icon.
  3. The Dutch Geocoin 2017 has arrived. The are for sale here.
  4. In de past 10 months, there have been several events and proposals which resulted in this coin design for 2017. The samples are ready and production has been started and it is possible to reserve coins here.
  5. Het ontwerp is inmiddels uitgewerkt. De volgende stap is samples laten maken. Die zullen eind oktober klaar zijn. Zodra de productie gestart is, zal het ook mogelijk zijn om een reservering te doen op www.geocachingshop.nl Dan kan de productie gestart worden en we hopen ze eind november hier te hebben, zodat het nog op tijd is voor Sinterklaas
  6. Dat gaat niet. Travelbugs en andere trackables worden in de fabriek al van een code voorzien. Je kunt wel zelf een tag maken met de code erop, of dit laten doen hier;
  7. These are € 6,20 when shipped to the US (or any country outside the EU) as the VAT is dropped. Shipping for one or two coins is € 3,50 Here is the link to coin with the website in English
  8. Any scouting related geocoin that interests me, BSA created or not. Really anything Boy Scout related We have still a Dutch Scouts Geocoin
  9. De Dutch Geocoins 2016 zijn binnen. Voor zover mogelijk zullen we vandaag de gereserveerde coins gaan versturen. De overige kunnen hier besteld worden.
  10. The production has arrived. They can be purchased here. There are still a very limited number of sets with the AE available. Here are pictures:
  11. Hierbij ook een aantal plaatjes:
  12. Also this year, a Dutch Geocoin design round took place and the winner has been chosen. The winning design is made by Technetium and contains some images of the 16th century painter Jeroen Bosch. In 2016, it has been 500 years that died Hieronymus Bosch (also named Hieronymus Bosch or Jeroen Bosch) died. The birds are a detail of his masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights. The other side contains a part of his etching Boomman. This figure can also be found in the right panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights. The samples are ready and the different editions can be reserved here. Production has been started and shipping is expected around 2nd week of December. Following editions are made: RE : antique bronze LE: antique silver XLE: antique copper AE: satin gold (in the set set) The AE is available via the set (which includes the RE, LE, XLE en AE).
  13. woejam

    The Magician

    Now available, the Magician Geocoin. A long time ago, there was a sourcerer, a magician at the court of king Arthur named Merlin. His name still lives on to this day. On this Geocoin, you can find the magician itself, but also various alchemists codes and symbols which are used for potions and to cast spells. like a real magician, this coin hides several secrets If you have a Magician Geocoin and solved the mystery, you can participate and maybe win an Artist Edition of this coin! Here, you can find how you can participate or sent me an email.
  14. It is time for Geocaching! Will it be a traditional, mysterie or maybe a mega event? Or maybe you have more fun in showing the amount of caches you found. With the magnet, you can set your own Cache Clock to the right position and select your favourite cache or keep your finds level. Size: 45 mm, 5mm thick. Total thickness: appr. 13mm Available in 5 editions at www.geocachingshop.nl
  15. Today, I did some tests with the live data collection from Geocaching. 1) - Looking at the map and sync gives an overview of the caches and collects only minimal info from the cache - When a cache is opened, all info is collected - So when you want to do this in the field you have to open the cache before closing the hotspot on your phone 2) - When selecting a pocket query (live geocaching setup - lists), it receives all caches from the pocket query - I was expecting that the detailed info from the caches was collected too, but that seems not the case. The same minimal info is there and you still have to open all caches before detailed info is there..... This seems strange unless I'm doing something wrong. Did anyone have different experience with the pocket queries via live geocaching?
  16. As of this morning, also our Oregon 700 works again with the Live connection. As I didn't do an update of the device, I assume that Geocaching.com solved the issue on their side.... I'm it works again!
  17. For some time a coin with a Greek / Spartan design was on our wish list. Designers Woejam and Medicine Wolf worked together to create this beautiful design. On the coin you find specific motives of both the Spartan-era as well as the ancient Greek time. The coinset consists of a 45 mm coin with its own tracking code and unique icon and a Spartan sword with the same code as the coin. The sword can be placed on the coin using the small magnets. For sale at www.geocachingshop.nl Available as set of 5 or separate: Leonidas: RE Agis: RE Nabis: LE 100 Lycurgus: XLE 75 Cynisca: AE 25 The shown spartan miniature warriors are not included.
  18. There is no AE (because of the project). There will be two XLE editions available on the event in Koblenz.
  19. The new Gecko, the Painted One is now available with the first 4 editions. The are for sale at www.geocachingshop.nl 2 more editions will be available at the event in Koblenz next weekend. If you are interesed, you can participate and create your own edition (as of 20 pieces). Please contact me, so that I can add you to the project environment. I expect the next batch to be closed by end of the month or early August.
  20. The coins arrived and can be ordered here: www.geocachingshop.nl The prices are shown including 21% VAT, but that will be removed if the coins are shipped outside the EU. There are 5 editions (2 x RE, LE, XLE and AE).
  21. The samples are ready and production has been started: Expected to be available mid June at www.geocachingshop.nl
  22. Bommel & Tom Poes is a cartoon of Marten Toonder who made albums from 1941 - 1990. He died in 2005 leaving large collection of artwork and books. We made a Geocoin with Bommel & Tom Poes on it for the Dutch Geocoin 2012. This year, it is 75 years ago that he published his first album with Tom Poes. Together with Toonder Company, we designed a geocoin to celibrate this. The artwork has been made and currently the mould and samples are being made. We expect samples in 3 weeks after which production will be started. The will be sold via Geocachingshop.nl
  23. De annulering gaat alleen maar over de vernieuwing, niet over je huidige periode. Deze loopt gewoon de 3 maanden waarvoor je betaald hebt.
  24. Dutch Geocoin 2015 zijn binnen! De gereserveerde coins zijn inmiddels verstuurd. De overige coins kunnen nu via de website besteld worden: http://www.geocachingshop.nl/nl/982-reserveringen Deze foto's zijn in Nuenen gemaakt, bij het nieuwe kunstwerk in het park, gebaseerd op de Aardappeleters:
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