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I have been on these boards quite a bit the last few days and all I seem to see is people moaning about logs, about caches, topics asking what is annoying, people caches not made active quick enough blah blah blah.


So to forget all the negativity for a moment, and lets focus on why you like geocacaching? what does it for you?

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I like getting out and about (guided wandering), finding clever caches and finding new places.

I like geocoins and travel bugs.


I also like the forums (even if we've had some recent hot button topics) becuase it keeps me amused at work.


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But but but, I like the dramamama in the forums; to an extent. Once a thread devolves into the same 4-5 people debating the little teeny weeny points, and what someone really meant with their post I tune out.


Seriously, I enjoy the excuse to get outside, the reason to take a hike or walk with a goal and target at the end of the walk, the cool hidden historical sites, parks, greenways, that you might not find out about if there wasn't a cache there. I enjoy meeting other people who share this same excitement and joy. My very smart wife says the real attraction to geocaching is that we can still act like little boys and girls playing in the woods all over again.


And every now and then you have someone share an amazingly magical place with you too.



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I've answered this thread before and created this thread before, But I am ALWAYS happy to share why I love Geocaching! :)


(1) Gets me outside and active.

(2) Takes me to new places.

(3) Encourages my sense of adventure.

(4) Allows me to spend quality time with people I love.

(5) Makes me excited to visit new places.



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Great thread - Thanks.


I've lived in the same small town for 10 years now, and I'm literally stunned at discovering new cache sites in places I was not even aware existed - beautiful, secluded and odd places I've never seen, nor would I be likely to see if I just stuck to the many bike trails in Folsom. I'm also learning a lot about human psychology and the mental gymnastics that go into some of these hiding places.


In general, I love the sport because . . .

1. It gets me away from the hypnotic semi-sleep coma of television

2. I get exercise and fresh air.

3. I join a community of friends and fellow travelers with a common interest.

4. I enjoy giving back to the community some of the many things I'm thankful for. This sport has a lot of children and adventurous adults, and anything I do to improve the caches and the experience goes directly to putting a smile on someone's face - - a gift of giving that becomes more important as you get older.

5. Insight. I enjoy acting like a kid again. I'm beginning to wonder too if I have some kind of odd death-wish, what with all the jumping over creeks, climbing rocks, crawling in the underbrush, and fighting off bugs and predators . . . who knows?



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Sometimes, it's an excuse for a trip, whether that trip is a detour of a few miles on my bike ride to/from work, a hike of several miles through the woods, or a drive to somewhere off the beaten path.


Sometimes, it's about interesting places, whether those places are historic, scenic, or artistic. (I especially enjoy caches that draw attention to public art.)


Sometimes, it's about the challenge, whether the challenge is solving a puzzle, finding a well-camouflaged cache, or retrieving a cleverly placed container. (I especially enjoy on-site puzzles and caches with 4-star camouflage.)


And sometimes it's about companionship, although I don't make it to events, unevents, and group hikes very often...

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