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  1. I appreciate that you have a spontaneity to your caching, but most trail GPS can store hundreds of caches if not thousands on their memory. Are you using a trail GPS or a car GPS?
  2. To be honest I use people's onsite logs to get ahead of them when there are multiple FTFs in close proximity. I can hit the ones that they haven't and take advantage of their courtesy. Don't ever believe that a hound is worried about the etiquette, they are being selfish or proud or both. The entire point of the FTF race is to be first, if they can't appreciate that sometimes it won't be them, then maybe this side game isn't their strength. You have done nothing wrong and only upset those that were glad to try and upset you. Around our parts we have a pretty good group of hounds that don't take themselves too seriously and so the FTF race is fun and rewarding and more social than anything else. Have fun breaking hearts, it's part of the game. They have a choice, get quicker or move on. Happy caching and release the (FTF) hounds!
  3. I have been watching this cache since its release and still can't imagine what is the linchpin behind its elusiveness. Everything gets found eventually, I might even give it a crack some day. Probably only to be part of the rogue's gallery that has tried.
  4. I agree, when did this game become all about our own gratification?? I think you should have a reasonable amount of privacy if you use an alias for your user ID and of course no one is forced to post pictures. I think the idea of logging caches off site is lame and really speaks to a lack of experience on the part of the person doing it. Stop being paranoid and start giving back to the community.
  5. Well I understand the frustration on your part, I have been the recipient of many weak logs. I think the problem lies in your expectation. You feel that you have put a great deal of effort into your caches, your expecting others to feel that way is a mistake. There are many cachers that don't log anything online and so you wouldn't know that they visited your cache, but they did. So receiving the online log is really a courtesy and not mandatory to the success of the arrangement. If you are putting out a cache it is likely with the intention of being found, past that you may be asking too much, it is like loving someone and assuming that they must love you back. I get it, but I am sorry to say that you over reacted and are on the losing side of this debate. Live and learn, we all get our nose bent at some point, but we straighten it up and grow from it. Hope this wasn't too scarring, but at least you know how the community feels now.
  6. Well, we started logging all our DNFs pretty early on in our career, we saw the value in it very quickly. We currently have 276 DNF logs, I would add another 25 or so to account for the late start and any that we missed, that would be about 8% of the time or about 1 in 12.5 geocaches. I know we have had better and much worse days though!
  7. Not many. I have fewer than a dozen challenge caches on my ignore list. But when a challenge cache that I expect never to complete appears on one of my "nearest unfound puzzles" lists, it's a simple click to ignore it. If challenge caches had their own type, then I wouldn't use my ignore list at all. (But that's another topic.) Why does it have to be "half the available caches" before it's worth using the ignore list? For me, it was just a single challenge cache that always showed up on my "puzzles to work on" list. After a few puzzle-solving sessions, I got tired of seeing it on the list, knowing that it wasn't a puzzle, and that I'd probably never complete the challenge. <click> That's all it took. No trumpets, no fanfare. One moment I had an empty ignore list. The next moment I was one of the few geocaching.com members who actually uses the ignore list. I find that interesting.
  8. In my case, it isn't that the caches on my ignore list bother me. I really don't care about the caches themselves. What bothers me is that they clutter up my list of nearest unfound puzzles when I'm looking for a list of puzzles to work on. The fact that they appear on my "list of puzzles to work on" is what bothers me. When I'm viewing my "list of puzzles to work on", I don't want to see challenge caches that don't require puzzle solving. I don't want to see challenge caches that require thousands of miles of travel (for caches with an obscure difficulty–terrain combination, or an obscure Hidden date). So I use my ignore list. I get that, if there was hundreds of them. How many could there be in an area you are looking at? Within my own area there is maybe a couple that I won't bother with and that is within my city that has well over 1000 caches to find. It would have to be some crazy coincidence to have thus huge list of caches locally that interferes with your viewing those that you desire. Not trying to be argumentative just wondering, maybe I have a great caching area, I can't imagine casting off half the available caches.
  9. Welcome back Flintstone5611!! Yeah, I personally know like 2 people who use the ignore list besides me. If I'm not mistaken, one time there was a thread here about "enhancements" (i.e. ignore all caches by a hider), we were told that "almost no one is even using the ignore list". I will say one thing, it works. If YOU find a cache on my ignore list, it doesn't even show to me if I was looking at your list of finds. Ignored caches are pretty much eradicated from your view throughout the website. Thanks Mr.Yuck, good to be back. The funny thing with ignore lists and their clearly effective methods is that it would probably bother me to know that there is one out there and I can't see it. I must be on some kind of "Attention Hog" list, lol.
  10. I never use the ignore list. I don't need to clear out my map and so the caches that I won't find don't bother me. I just don't see the point of eradicating them from my vision. There is no cache that so bothers me that I want it out of my sight. I still don't get the concept in all honesty.
  11. I thought I finally got kicked out. Glad it isn't just me!
  12. That's what I did. You can always attend your own event. Just remember that you need to "place" it two weeks in advance, so if you are gonna do it don't procrastinate.
  13. I doubt that it would be feasible to do. All the reefs are well explored and not great for hiding a cache. There aren't any yet and not likely to be an that are sustainable.
  14. That is pretty wacky! I am totally enthralled.
  15. Hmmm, that is an interesting vantage point. Is it because it took up space on the listing and that left other logs off your GPS? The way I see it, I really appreciate that people gave a thought to their log rather than giving us nothing (ie. TFTC). I just don't see why it is such a sore point, specifically.
  16. Makes sense, it is probably one of the best collections of caching adventure around. All these COs created something that is worth worldwide recognition! Glad it can be shared with the world.
  17. Well Badgegen does have a little something, but as stated it doesn't do much else except show how awesome you are.
  18. It is subject matter, not necessarily am agenda. I don't know if your sensitivity to it qualifies as an agenda.
  19. You are too nice!! I learned from a true master.
  20. Personally I would say no. It is remote and the only attempt on it is by a cacher with limited experience. What do we benefit from archiving this cache. It was just demonstrated to us that a cache (by a new cacher) can survive in the wilderness for over a decade. Why presume that this cache has failed? Can't we look to human error first and then move onto the possibility that it is gone? I think closing the door on this cache would be an error in judgement and quite frankly it would only serve to guarantee that an amazing story like the one at GCDFB doesn't happen again.Let Kougarok Live!!
  21. Stormgren-X you are an animal. When it comes to FTF hounds/captains of adventure, you are the leader of the pack. I appreciate the way you took this adventure on and congratulations on your find. Truly an epic tale that is worthy of accolades. Well done!
  22. There is going to some drama about this one. Someone just posted a N/A log Yeah, I saw that. I hope that they are in alone in that feeling. There isn't a real reason why someone can't get the same satisfaction out of that cache as they did with this one!
  23. I have to admit this is an awesome way to immortalize yourself as an adventurer amongst us geonerds. I couldn't be more envious, I am also so excited to see you succeed. Please share as much as you can with pics and vids. Have fun!
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