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GSAK or easygps

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I am trying out both programs seeing which one I like best. I am just kind of wondering which one most prefer. If you have tried both and I'm sure most have feel free to put why you went with the one you did.


easygps question: Is there anyway to get a map to be visible on the right section that shows caches?

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I have been playing with both. GSAK is alot more complex but I really like the map feature. It wouldn't bother me to buy the expertgps if it shows maps like GSAK. But then you run into the price difference. Is expertgps worth the $75.00. Choices..........choices

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GSAK will let you do some niftier things with the data when loading to your 60csx (and other models as well), but none of the others can touch the macro library of GSAK. Want to compare your unfound PQ list to those of your caching friend? It's in there. One of my favorites, in fact. Want to take your PQ and narrow its geographic coverage down a bit? There's a tool for filtering by a rectangle or other shape. Most of the time, if there's something I'd like to have done with a list of caches, either someone has already thought of it and written the macro, or it's one of the intrinsic functions of the application. If I need something really off the wall, the macro framework will let you write about anything you can imagine -- if you're up for that sort of thing.

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