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  1. The bundle is now up on eBay. You can view the listing here.
  2. I have placed the units up on eBay. Check out the listing here. Bidding starts at a penny!
  3. Lowering the price to $185. Any takers before it goes up on eBay?
  4. One person changed their mind and I have not heard from the other. Two are still available. Dropping the price to $105 shipped.
  5. Hi Tim, Do you still have one left or did you sell it? Also how much would it be in total to ship to BC Canada? Thanks! Sure do. What is your postal code? It is V0K 2Z0 (108 Mile Ranch, BC) $130 should do it. If that is ok with you PM me your info. I can get it in the mail today.
  6. Hi Tim, Do you still have one left or did you sell it? Also how much would it be in total to ship to BC Canada? Thanks! Sure do. What is your postal code?
  7. Just put up a Dakota Geocaching bundle for sale. See my post.
  8. I have a brand new sealed Garmin Dakota 10 Geocaching and Topo bundle for sale. The bundle includes the following: Garmin Dakota 10 TOPO 100K Maps on DVD Two Garmin Geocoins Protective Silicone skin Lanyard USB Cable Quick Start Manual Owners Manual on Disc Geocaching Guide This is an amazing bundle for Geocaching. As I mentioned it is sealed in the original box. I will be willing to let it go for $210. I can accept payment via money order or paypal and I ship same day!
  9. I have a friend with one. He absolutely loves it. It's a good beginner GPS from all I hear.
  10. Yep that's the one. I'll do $115 to the first three that are interested!
  11. A store in my area was going out of business so I was able to get a few Magellan Explroist GC's at a good price. They are brand new in the box and never been opened. I am asking $120 each including shipping (assuming you live in the continental US.) I will receive payment via Paypal and can ship same day. If you are interested let me know.
  12. Im thinking the etrex 10/20/30 would be the most basic with paperless features. If you need a step down from that in terms of simplicity you might be looking at something like the Geomate Jr. which is designed for kids but would work well for older people just as well....you would loose the paperless features with this option though.
  13. For "finding" I think both are adequate and very similar in terms of accuracy. When hiding though I would go with the Garmin. The main reason is most stand alone units have a feature called waypoint averaging which takes a GPS reading over a period of time (usually a couple minutes) to get an exact reading of where the cache will be hidden at.
  14. There is still some question as to if you can add maps to the eTrex 10 as it is not out yet. Based by the specs on the Garmin site it looks like you will not be able to. I also agree you will want a unit that allows for adding topo maps for hiking. The GC defiantly does not allow this, and assuming the eTrex 10 does not you might want to look at the Venture HC, or the eTrex 20. I have the Venture HC and it is a good unit but has limited memory for maps (24 MB) and does not (natively) have the paperless support the newer eTrex units do. If you can go for the eTrex 20 I think you would be happier long term as it has native paperless support, and 1.7GB of memory for maps.
  15. There always seems to be issues when a new version comes out. Try reinstalling....it usually fixes the weird upgrade bugs for me.
  16. Does the screen flash at all when you go to turn it on?
  17. The Oregon 450 deal described here is the best deal I have seen in some time. Its an amazing GPS and meets your requirements.
  18. Garmins website still shows 3rd quarter (July-Sept.)
  19. The big thing is the maps. I normally use 1.5GB/month total data usage, but I also do lots of other stuff with my phone. One way to help this is to download the caches and maps before you leave the house.
  20. They should be out by the end of September according to Garmins press release so I don't think anyone has had a chance to look at one. On paper they look like a great option for beginner cachers. It will retail for $119 and have paperless caching capability.
  21. This is the method I use with GSAK.
  22. The new eTrex 10 should be out within a month. It will be around $119 and has paperless caching.
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