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If this is for your kids that would be awesome! Especially if they were little though... :) You would also be able to hide them in more sneaky places becuase they would be able to use the gps to get to the right spot! Good idea!!!


But you could also make real geocaches made of waterproof easter eggs! ;)

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So I was thinking about getting some eggs and hiding them for Easter. Then giving a list with the Lon. + Lat. of each egg. Then I started to wonder... Is that too OCD? Is it too evil? :grin:

I did that with my kids a few years ago - we were visiting a town out of state and I got up early and hid them all over the area around the motel.


Much fun!!

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Some local has done that in my area with plastic eggs. I am told that they're all gone, yet the caches remain active as multis. Said cacher has a reputation for being a lazy CO. I have not bothered to go looking for those caches, but since I've been on a bit of a bender for rooting out these old, unmaintained hides and getting them archived if so warranted (or letting others know they're still active if not), I should probably get them on my list. I am a bit tired of the whole DNF/NM/NA routine, though, because I actually like finding caches.

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'Round here, someone put out "Easter Egg Hunt."

A good old-fashioned Easter Egg hunt. One of the six eggs has a prize.


No this is not an April Fools Joke. :)This is another of my seasonal caches, which will be disabled sometime probably in the summer.


There are six eggs hidden in a popular hiking area in the North Conway area. One of these eggs contains a prize which I am sure anyone will like finding. The others have a small consolation prize of an interesting foreign coin.


The idea of this game is to pick a color egg to find: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple or Yellow. Find it using the coordinates below (the one above is for the purple egg, the first one I placed)


Please be a good doobie and just stick with the one you picked and don't go through all six eggs looking for the prize - I know they are somewhat close together but I had limited time to place this cache.


If someone else got to an egg first and got the prize out, you can still get credit for finding the cache, it will just be like a micro - only in an Easter Egg. :)

I hid a couple (one is now archived, the other is still going) that I hid a bison tube inside a Camo Easter Egg.


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I just recently put out a hide in one of our local state parks called 'Peter cottontail'. My son and I were at Hobbylobby to buy some more baggies for our geopack when we saw these GIANT plastic eggs on display. We both got the idea to fill it full of the smaller eggs of various sizes, and hide swag in most of those. We also put the log in one of the smaller eggs. So far, it's been received as a good cache by those who have come to find it. And, to my surprise, they even liked the fact that they had to 'hunt' for the log to sign it.

The container isn't exactly great quality, so we're going to invest in another one before the Easter season is over to replace the original once Mother Nature has had her way with it, or, replace it with an ammo box for the rest of the year and change it back to a giant egg when spring comes round again. :)

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I few years ago I bought a dozen plastic eggs, filled them with candy and put them out in my back yard for my son and his two nieces to find. They were probably out for a half an hour before I sent them out to hunt the eggs. After about 15 minutes of searching they only found 8 of the eggs so I went out to see which ones they missed. I found the remains of two of them with large holes chewed into them and I couldn't find the two others. Squirrels muggled my easter eggs.

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There was a lady in our area that hid her chocolate eggs outside the night before for her grandkids who were coming the next morning.


When the children started searching, there were no eggs to be found. She was so upset, she phoned the newspaper who promply came down and took her picture and gathered the story. The story on Monday was "How could thieves steal Easter Eggs from kids". After many phone calls they determined it was probably a raccoon.

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