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  1. In other news: Still no Vantage Point for Apple computers.
  2. I noticed that in 2.13 there is now a Show POI option in Map Options and a Custom POIs folder. Questions: How does this work? What format does this use? Are there compatible POI files for Hawaii? Can I make my own POIs to use rather than use waypoints; how? It'd be nice if there was a full and complete manual for the new update.
  3. An undocumented feature of firmware 2.1.3 is that both .mgi and .imi format map files work in this release.
  4. Has anyone tried the new Magellan 2.13 firmware for the eXplorist GC? Is it so very bad that this mod is needed? Or is this mod why it is suddenly released by Magellan?
  5. Come to a meet and greet on one of the islands here in Hawai'i some time. You'll find people of many cultures! It's awesome. Though, if you do, I'd strongly urge you not use language such as "minority". It's considered very rude here.
  6. Simple short answer - Your Packet Query option allow you to unselect Your Caches and also Found Caches. Hope this helps.
  7. Sadly PQ's do not contain the images, as you have found out. If you use the plug-in and download an individual geocache right onto the eXplorist GC it will include the images for that cache. However, it is a pain to download each cache one by one. So I simply do without the images. GSAK is a PC application -- so as a fellow mac user you have to judge if it is worth trying to deal with bootcamp to run windows or some other alternative. Magellen's Vantage Point would also work to get the images -- another windows only application. So in the end what I do is use the plug-in and sync the few individual caches where I feel the images are a must such as a mystery cache with visual clues.
  8. When you arrive in Honolulu you will arrive at or next to Aloha Tower. There are A LOT of fast caches in the area. Here is a link to the Geocaching map of the surrounding area. You can use the co-ordinates to make a PQ to place on your GPS before you leave. http://www.geocaching.com/map/?ll=21.3076,-157.8651 Hope this helps! =:3
  9. This one is in Honolulu, if you end up in the area, and can be done snorkelling. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=20b0fb78-94dc-43a4-8e49-1376ff07f2ef
  10. The 310 lets you load maps. The GC has one map that never can get updated. -- Something to think about. I've never used the eTrex 20 or 30, but certainly look in to it them as well.
  11. The most interesting time I has was down on the beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii. I was on the grass looking for a cache near a few palm trees and wasn't having any luck at all. Then a homeless man asked if I was looking for the cache. What?! I said yes and he then told me of another homeless man that stole it and was down over by the tent where they give out food to the homeless. It wasn't far away but I wasn't about to go confront a homeless man just for a cache. No way! Mother Nature was also calling so I thanked the man, but instead made my way to the beach restrooms. On my way out I was heading to my car when the helpful homeless man comes after me in tow with a homeless young man. Turn out he took it upon himself to see that the cache was returned into game play. Very odd indeed! But the young man handed my the small nano and shocked a bit I opened it and saw the log was there. I signed it and put the cache back where it should have been, (each palm tree has a metal number tag and the cache was to go behind a certain number) So that was my strange muggle story. A kindly and proactive homeless man who, I like to think, knows -everything- that goes on in his park.
  12. Others mentioned the PQ's which are great. I also like the ability to sort the cache lists, here on the site, by the date placed. Also you can set up email notifications then there are new caches near you; which is dead useful if you want to get FTF (First To Find) on new caches. =:3
  13. There don't seem to be any events in listed. If you are a Premium member you can sort caches by their "Placed" date. Future events normally list on top so you can find them easily. I have a friend in Nederland and when search new caches there there are always many many events planned all the way up past October. Here on Oahu not so much -- nothing is listed at all. Maybe what Oahu needs is a caching club that is active with annual events. I don't know of any such clubs that are totally active.
  14. For me the best swag is the swag that in some way speaks of the person that left it. Something from another country like a coin, cultural item or pin. Or a signature item that fits nicely in theme with the person that left it. Because of this pathtags and wooden nickels are what it like most because they were designed as a signature item and is more telling than, say, a random $1 bin toy. I have designed my own pathtag; but sadly I'm waiting to be able to afford to have it made.
  15. You CAN go geocaching without a GPS unit. If you own a map of your area with longitude and latitude on it, and a compass you can use that to find the caches. It's actually a good skill to learn how to use a proper map.
  16. The GC does not get map updates or alternate maps. You just get what you got.
  17. It's been blocked by all of my browsers too for the last few days. No idea what's up.
  18. The way I do it is drag the old PQ waypoint file and the old PQ geocache file into the trash can. I empty the trash so it actually deletes. Then drag the new PQ files in to their folders to replace the now deleted old ones. -- This is drag and dropping the files, not doing anything at all in the GC menu. It's always worked for me. =:3
  19. Is there a way to upgrade the GC to a 310 on a mac?
  20. Is anyone else on Oahu experiencing a sudden rash of stolen/muggled caches that they own?
  21. As a mac user I use Geocaching.com for everything. I don't have a need to use any other sort of program. Every Thursday I have the site email me my new PQ, which I drag and drop onto my GPS unit.
  22. Think for a moment, did the Magellan eXplorist GC ever ask you for your Geocaching.com username? No. It just does not have that functionality. So it will not know what caches you found unless you find them with that gps unit. It also won't know what caches belong to you -- so if you include them in your PQ then they'll just show up as normal unfound caches too. In addition to that after some of the firmware updates you'll find your unit totally reset and you will lose ALL of your badges, stats and finds. :3 Just so you know.
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