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Oh, great. Seems my primary account has a character disallowed by the new forum software.

Sock-puppetry for me from now on unless GS can come up with a fix. :blink:


I was in the same boat as you...my original name was "Arthur & Trillian" and the "&" character was the issue. I just changed my user name to what I have now and all is well.

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I post on behalf of 3 UK caching Ampersanders who have sadly found themselves disenfranchised from these forums since the update:


BigLad & Co






All are unable to log in under their account names.


If you know others who suffer from this affliction please copy and paste this post on their behalf to make Groundspeak aware of their plight. Only one in a hundred of forum posters will post here. Will you?


(With apologies to facebook)





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