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  1. I won't be jumping in on the debate about what is right and what isn't. To each their own, so long as it doesn't affect anyone elses fun. But I will jump in and say this: That ET Highway was one heck of a workout. We took longer than 24 hours to do it, but we wrecked a rental car (figuratively), almost killed an old guy, and made me pretty sore for a few days. It was fun. But it was a workout.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on this one, he'd hit a couple of mine too. Gone now!
  3. 5 minutes for $80 is insanely expensive. I bet you could walk into a helicopter flight school and find a CFI willing to build some time and make some cache (pun intended!) to fly you around for an entire hour for around double that $80.
  4. I do quite a bit of geocaching by bike. I ride my mountain bike a ton of places, and a lot of the designated bike trails in the area have a ton of caches on them.
  5. If you need two more, I'd be in. If it's too late, that's no problem, it's my fault I took so long to look at this thread!
  6. That's not how it was explained to me. Even setting the trackable free was supposedly against the guidelines according to the reviewer that I was "working" with. According to him it had to be stationary. Fixed to something that doesn't move.
  7. I tried that once, and it turned out to be kind of a pain. The reviewer told me that it had to be based on a trackable that was stationary. It couldn't be one that was moving with geocachers. Yes, there are some that are like that, but those were "grandfathered" in apparently. Seemed kinda stupid to me, since mine was based on a trackable that I carry with me at all times and could be logged by anyone who met me or saw me at an event. But in the interest of actually having some fun in geocaching, I changed it per his demands, and made it so a chirp beacons out the coin code at the cache site, and the coin is glued to the inside of the actual cache. Not nearly as cool as it was gonna be, but whatever. Here's the cache: Brady's Bug. It actually got published, and then archived because it was "published in error." Not exactly the most stellar experience with a reviewer, truth be told.
  8. Yep, although more frequently I read the entries on my personal geocoin that follows me to the caches I like most.
  9. Works on the 550 too apparently. Thanks for the hint!
  10. I turn my Oregon 550t on while I'm flying all the time. I also use a Bad Elf with my iPad when I'm in any plane that doesn't have heated windshields (for some reason, heated windshields block most GPS reception). It really isn't a big deal.
  11. Hey, I'm super conservitive like you. Actually, more along the lines of Libertarian, but I see you're from The UK, and that doesn't translate anyways. No, I do not feel the need to spread the word via social networking to people who've never heard of it, and think it's actually a bad idea. People can just find out about it as they always have. UK? no way, me veeery far from UK... how u come to that conclusion? Never mind. Don't drink beer and post, boys and girls.
  12. Be careful selling coins that you've allowed to be discovered at events, or have moved in the past. If you sell them to some folks, they'll delete those logs on a whim to try to make them "new" again.
  13. Coin stores, or online coin places. That's where I get the baggies I use for my geocaching logs as well. All different sizes of bags to accommodate all different sizes of coins.
  14. What he said. Keep it neutral on the colors out of respect for the hills. Also, do it. I've rappelled to a few caches now. Enjoyed every one of them, too.
  15. I'm with you. We just had a cache placed by a guy with under 5 finds that is right smack dab in the middle of a condo complex. Not so bad if it's in the middle of a nice, clear field or something, but we're talking in the middle of a courtyard that is what six different front doors open up to. Anyone of them decides to leave their house, and boom. Compromised geocacher. No bueno.
  16. Bike-n-Find gave me a bicycle spoke with a hook bent in to it on one side at an event last year and told me to put it in my bag. It doesn't take up any room, but I didn't really think it would have been of any use. I probably use that little spoke more than I use any other TOTT.
  17. You can do that, but it's probably best that you just put it in another cache and let it get on its way that way.
  18. Depends on how you orient the camera when you take the picture. Much like the poster above, I have to rotate too, but it's not a problem. No different than with any other camera, really.
  19. Be my Valentine and help me find a Sea Shepherd geocoin. Any finish, unactivated or adoptable. Will trade generously!
  20. You can get that coin back on the move by simply placing it in another cache. Someone will pick it up there, and the cycle continues.
  21. You're right, that first part came out all wrong. My apologies. You didn't cut any of the quote, but it does seem that you only paid mind to a portion of it. That's more how I should have said it. Believe me LadyBee, I want you to have that freedom too. I do because I want that freedom as well. I hate new rules like I hate wet log sheets. But apparently, people can't handle the freedom responsibly. If COs were allowed to delete logs on caches for no apparent reason, I'd have stopped caching long ago. I'd lay a few bucks down that a lot of folks would have. The moving and discovering of coins is a big part of caching for me, and I'm not terribly fond of people deleting rightful discovered and moved logs (yep, I said moved logs, still waiting on randomincoherencies to get back to me on whether he wants the proof of "willy nilly" log deletions) just because they have the freedom to do so. In the last couple of years, since I started caching and moving geocoins, I've had at least 10 discovery logs deleted on sold coins. I kept quiet, didn't want to rock the boat, figured I was just unlucky. But threads like these seem to be popping up from time to time, and in each, someone else with a similar story. As the selling of activated geocoins becomes more commonplace, the practice of deleting rightful moved/discovery logs does as well. It's not rampant, I'll agree with you there. But it's still not right. How many more of my logs have to be deleted before you agree? How many of yours?
  22. As the rule is, there is no rule. There needs to be some level of guidance for the people who like to take things to the extreme on both sides of the coin (no pun intended). No rules = anarchy = situations like these, where two sides get heated, angry, and wedges get driven between factions. I don't want that, and I doubt anyone here does. Yet, that seems to be where we are. True, I said I like to debate, but try to read my entire post and not pick it apart to use the parts you like. I have presented the arguments for my side on numerous occasions. Now I'm here trying to figure out what the other side is exactly, and I'm having a hard time doing it. The good arguments have all regarded things like accidental logs, mistaken drops into wrong caches, virtual logs, things of that nature. Not once has there been a good argument given for allowing the continued deletions of rightful grabbed/discovery logs. At this point, that's my only desire in this thread, is to find out why you would want such a practice to continue unless it involves something that I mentioned above. Can YOU help me with that?
  23. Are you sure that logs are not being deleted "willy nilly"? Would you like proof otherwise?
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