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Reverse Cannonball Run?

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What do you all (Brogan et al) think of a reverse Cannonball Run -- i.e. California to NY? I would be willing to coordinate it with some help from other California geocachers. I know that Marky is planning another picnic soon. We could release the bugs then?


Would you mind me using the idea? And would anyone be willing to help me with the tracking page(s)? I have free webspace available.



Becky Davis

San Jose, CA

Kid-carrying cacher

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Or to keep it Cali to NY you could use this one Race You to the Top it's not exactly a stroll in the park either and the name seems fitting. I would be willing to set up another cache at the base of the mountain to create a holding station for those that just can't make the hike... but the bugs don't win till they make it to the top.


I'm already involved in the NY-Cali run but if you want help on this end for the next one then consider this an offer to help.

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I'd be up for it. I was going to try to get in on the 1st one, but my TB's didn't arrive at my house to send them out in time.


Mr. 0


"Remember that nature and the elements are neither your friend or your enemy - they are actually disinterested."


Department of the Army Field Manual FM 21-76 "Survival" Oct. 1970

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By all means use the idea!!! Especially if I can enter and WIN!


I would suggest thought that you not use a remote location for the final cache. You need something that can be watched easily on a daily basis. (Read over the Pheromone Cache description) I would be willing to provide one for you, and as I live in a fairly remote area it would make the ending skightly more challenging. I already have a good sized box set up waiting to become a TB Hotel that could be changed slightly and put to use for an endpoint for races. Just drop a line and let me know!




BTW I set up my race thinking I'd get about a dozen entries. Last count was 71!!!! Seems there is no such thing as a "small" race.

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