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Mr. Gray Project


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I was attending Geocoinfest Prague 2013, and I stepped away from my booth to go and watch the group performing ABBA, when I got back to my table Mama Mia! There was a Project My Gray #99 in my coin box! ~ :ph34r: #99


My link


Thank you very, very much for such a kind gift!



Hi avroair that is so cool that you got to go to another country and attend the event, wish I could of went to meet a few friends that I have been friends with thru the Geocaching community. Hats off to you and what a wonderful surprise to see that you got a New Mystery Mr. Gray Geocoin. Haven't heard anything of this project in a long time and nice to see he is still watching closely out in the adventure world. Glad that Mr. Gray was able to make you smile. Keep On Caching!

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Mr. Grey, could you please update me(us) on the current mission. I am not sure what I need to do to communicate with you. How do I get you my Earth dwelling address into your database to potentially get one of those special grey envelopes? Do I need to register with the MIB?


On a side note, did you agree with the demotion of Pluto from being a planet. I didn't know if you know any Plutoians that are mad about it from your travels. :)


I believe!!


Thanks -


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