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  1. Where are you Dave ? Another year has passed and another April Fools Day begins ! Enjoy it Dave, "Carpe Diem !!" [:D]
  2. I live 11.6 miles from this hide. I'm pretty sure nobody around here, or in Utah, really takes this challenge seriously.
  3. I love the search page and use it quite often. The only thing that seems to be missing is a search for attributes in their negative states. That search would be helpful.
  4. Thank you for your help Jochen ! I have wondered how to do this, and today I followed your steps and was able to create a banner. I love learning how to do new things !!
  5. I don't own a smart phone, but I am able to go with another person to find the Adventure Lab caches. I was wondering if there was a way to view the starting locations on a map, a map similar to the app, on my home computer. This would help me plan my caching day. I still cache the old "pencil and paper" method of planning my day, writing down the coords to each cache I plan to visit. I know, I'm a bit behind the times....
  6. I don't mind that adventure lab caches do not show up on the map. If they are what you are going out to look for, they are easy enough to find using the correct app. I do agree with 1 smiley total for completing the full lab cache adventure, not 3 or 5 or 10 per adventure. To me a lab cache adventure is no different than a Wherigo adventure or a multi-cache adventure. A cacher should not be awarded 1 smiley for finding a single stage of any of these types, only 1 smiley for completing the full adventure. I'm sure there are others, like me, that have failed to complete a multi cache or a Wherigo cache for one reason or another, and didn't receive a smiley. That is easy enough to live with, in fact, it could give you a reason to revisit the adventure again. I think 1 smiley per stage is ridiculous.
  7. Another year has passed and another April Fools Day begins ! Enjoy it Dave, "Carpe Diem !!"
  8. Nice job NASA and Groundspeak ! A message from Mars ! How cool !!
  9. The news letter I received said... "will be" maybe an oops... Get ready to log the first interplanetary trackable! The trackable will be unlocked sometime on March 10. Keep an eye out for the update on our Facebook or sign up for alerts on the trackable page! Remember, space travel can be challenging; so because of that, the exact time of the camera calibration has not been determined.
  10. 16,000 + watchers of the tb page.... there will be a lot of emails going out sometime tomorrow, LoL !!
  11. HQ message... "The trackable will be unlocked sometime on March 10."
  12. There is now a image category for the future SHERLOC - WATSON images. I'm guessing NASA is getting close to testing the equipment ? https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/multimedia/raw-images/
  13. This was not the tb code that we were discussing, but a different message and coordinates that were encoded on the parachute. There are many interesting hidden things associated with the space mission.
  14. I have seen events in areas that are limited to 20 person gatherings due to covid-19. They have been successful by scheduling one or two hour time slots per 20 attendees. First group leaves, next group arrives. This may allow you to have a successful event in your area without waiting for the 100 person threshold.
  15. Have a "Happy April Fools Day" today one and all !!!
  16. Looks like I'm the only foolish soul to post you a "Merry April Fools Day & A Happy New Spring" .... or something like that.... ?
  17. I've been busy chasing the Easter Bunny and grandkids, running around like the fool that I must be... Happy April Fools Day Dave !!! ¡¡ ʎɐpoʇ „sןooɟ ןıɹdɐ„ noʎ ɟo ןןɐ oʇ „ɹǝʇsɐǝ ʎddɐɥ„
  18. ¡¡ ʎɐpoʇ „sןooɟ ןıɹdɐ„ noʎ ɟo ןןɐ oʇ „ɹǝʇsɐǝ ʎddɐɥ„
  19. Here, you are accepted. Here we are one... WE ARE THE FOOLS! Only 1 shy, so I guess this year I join the order of fools. Haha Welcome !! Sad to see 1 shy but happy to see you join in the group !! We need somebody to lead us to greatness and glory !! Thanks again Dave !!
  20. Now that's a deep thought... Ummmmmmm....
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