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  1. I still think these coins are amazing. Are they still being sent out? Did anyone receive one recently?
  2. Why don't you host an event anyway, regardless of a souvenir? I've hosted 16 events so far and plan to host many more. The souvenir won't affect whether I host an event, but it will affect whether I host it that particular day or not. Hence why my post asked about the souvenir and not about event hosting.
  3. Hi Has anyone heard anything about whether there will be a Leap Year profile souvenir for 29th Feb 2016? That's about three months away, and I want to start getting stuff ready and booked for hosting an event that day. Am I right in thinking that there have been profile souvenirs for the last two Leap Years? Thanks.
  4. I had a milestone coming up last weekend, and travelled from the UK into Europe to get GC40 (a year 2000 geocache as my 2000th cache find), and stayed overnight in Luxembourg. On the way back we were able to find caches in five countries in one day: Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom.
  5. I've been trying to find a cache that has the "Partnership/Sponsored" attribute. I did a search for them earlier in the year, and found a few. Now I can't seem to find any, and the ones I thought had it no longer seem to? Has it been removed? Has anyone found a cache with that attribute? Or anyone know what's happening with them?
  6. Wow! Congratulations! Such a nice gesture from HQ, too...
  7. I just got back from a trip traveling around South-East Asia, and got 5 countries: Singapore Cambodia Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Highlights of the trip were: The 5 caches in the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, especially this one GC2T5NR Ta Nei - Temple of Butterflies. The cache in the Singapore Airport, GC1HA96. The three caches in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, especially this one GC2HMY3 TI TOP - Island & Beach. Finding the 5 caches on the remote Gili Islands in Indonesia, especially this one that was "guarded" by dozens and dozens of baby turtles! GC3KFN8 Turtle Sanctuary gili meno I also enjoyed hosting 5 events in the 5 countries, and meeting the local geocachers and other fellow travellers. It really was an amazing trip.
  8. I just got back from my holiday, and found Superman waiting for me! I think it must have arrived about a week or two ago. I've never received a mystery coin in the post like this before! It's awesome. Thank you mysterious sender!
  9. Hello all. I'm going to be visiting Singapore next month, and I've published an event: http://coord.info/GC5WKZC
  10. Congratulations from me too! I am glad the coins are still being sent out. I hold hope that I may get a mystery coin sometime, but even if not I still think it's really nice that people are getting them.
  11. That's awesome! I picked up mine at Mainz:
  12. My collection of Pi Day coins. The last couple arrived yesterday.
  13. I went over to Ireland (from the UK) at Easter. We got the ferry across and had a bit of a road trip around Ireland for a few days. There are some amazing caches over there. We found Europe's First just outside Dublin, a whole bunch of really great caches in Dublin itself, the EarthCache up at the Giant's Causeway, the Virtual at Blarney Castle, and got all 5 of the Irish profile souvenirs. A really great trip.
  14. These look amazing. I can't wait to see these in reality. Very exciting.
  15. Ok... Am I being dumb? Where on a user's profile is the button to send them one of these new messages? The "send message" button still goes to send them an email the old way, right? Or if I click that to send someone a message does it now send them an email the old way and also show up under the new envelope icon too?
  16. ...or just find a cache both days anyway, that way you're fine either way.
  17. From reading the blog, it seems like a modified version of #3. There's only one souvenir to begin with, and you can find a geocache on either May 2 or May 3 in order to earn it. However, the bit that says "Unlock details of your 2015 geocaching mission by reading the souvenir’s description." implies to me that this is just the start of what will be this year's big summer project (like the "7 Souvenirs" last year and the "31 Days" the year before). Once you get the souvenir, it'll tell you what to do next? That's what it seems to me to be saying.
  18. Very sad news. I hope you're Ok Beverly. Deepest condoloences to Michelle's family and friends in their time of grief.
  19. I thought I'd post this here in case anyone going to Mainz Gutenberg hadn't seen it yet. Cache-Corner are doing a special coin for the event, the Gutenberg Old Book geocoin. The geocoin is modeled on the Gutenberg Bible. It has to be preordered and picked up atthe event. It looks like this: The page to order them is here: The Old Book I've just ordered mine.
  20. I've ordered mine, to pick up at the GPS Maze. Very nice looking coins, can't wait to see them in person!
  21. I'm going to skip this Mathtrade. I have a whole bunch of events to go to this year where I'll be trading with people in person, and I don't have the extra coins to trade by mail. I'll keep a watch out for the next Mathtrade though, if another happens at the end of the year.
  22. Thanks. I did google search for maps like that before posting here. What I'm asking is: Are those maps of Germany the same regions that Groundspeak use for the German souvenirs? I know for the UK and Ireland then are very different. Thanks.
  23. Are there maps somewhere of the geocaching regions that relate to earning souvenirs? Specifically, I'm looking for a map of the regions of Germany that relate to the souvenirs on this list: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=436 Thanks!
  24. "Only"?! 2626 x 2 = 5252 2999 x 2 = 5998 And that's just Will Attends so far, per your comment. There are usually more Attended logs afterward. So both seem to easily earn Giga status. I think it was Pan314159 (hey, I'll bet they're a Pi Day fan ) that said Will attend logs in their experience tend to be about the same as actual attended logs. Accounting for those who don't show up and those that do without ever posting a will attend. Yep, I'll be holding a Pi Day event. I said that in my experience "Will Attend" x 2.5 tends to be roughly around the number of actual people that turn up. If I get 20 "Will Attend" logs I know to expect somewhere around 50 people. That doesn't equal 50 Attended logs though. That number tends to be somewhere between the two.
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