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The Trekbuddies Tour Oct 2010 Need Cache Recommends

The Trekbuddies
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Hello Fellow Cachers


We are embarking on another tour starting from Lowestoft (home town)


On Wednesday October 6th 2010


stopping at Milton Keynes 1st night


2nd night in Monmouth


3rd night in Shrewsbury


4th night Caernarfon


5th night Derby


We would like to ask the members of the forum if they can suggest some really good caches to seek whilst in the above area's


submit here please


and as always welcome your input


our website www.thetrekbuddies.co.uk


you will find a live video feed and location, and will also update our twitter status






The Trekbuddies


Geocaching In East Anglia

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it might help to mention what sort of caches you like to do.


micros or proper boxes


long walks or drive bys or power trails


multis or trads


historic places, good views or attached to dog poo bins (i still do not understand why people attach to those)


I would not recommend caches unless I know what criteria I am being asked for.

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Hello Peeps yes travelling by car


We like challenging ones, not so much the ones you have hikes too, and no micro in hedges


but good well thought out ones


cryptic ones/well hidden ones/picture friendly ones/

well made caches


basically ones you have done near the locations i have specified that have been a favourite of yours or ones well worth a visit


hope that explains my question a bit better...



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the only one we have done in derby is GC2ANY5

someone has reccommed to us the carsington circular (8+ mile walk ) with different sizes of caches

they ones we have done and liked are crich circular with one near by added as it was along the way

and in matlock farley circuit with pining for farley woods which is a puzzle one near by.

ther are several drive-bys along the way to matlock but most are micros.

i will follow you on twitter and if i can think of any more after you have set off i will tweet you

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Tim and Jon's 1st Re-stashed




View from Coombe Hill


were both (apparently) hidden on the 14/1/2001 (Generally, the latter is assumed to be the oldest, although I have no idea why)

I suspect it's because the original T & J's 1st was archived in 2002. A new cache was put down 2 years later by Dan (of Dan & Pid fame) and the original cache unarchived. In reality, a new cache at the same location.

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Let battle recomence great history followed by flight of the dragonfly (shared parking) sneaky hide

Town centre a proud salopian chache and then lets go geohashing. Plus a few other easier town centre caches mainly based on the town being Darwins birthplace. If your into outdoor stuff then the High Sports shop is well worth a visit.

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