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Travel Bug extermination


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We have a local unsrupulous individual who appears to be seeking out travel bugs, taking them, and leaving printed cards saying "GeoCache Pest Control" with the date of the theft written on it. Terribly funny I know. Aside from the issue of tracking this jackass down, the other problem is that the caches are stacking up with bugs that aren't there because that's the last place they were logged. How do you get them removed from the cache? Contact the owner and ask them to remove them?

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I vote for the owner being able to deactivate a bug. I've had two bugs go missing from caches that were plundered. I think it's highly unlikely that they will ever show up in the wild again. I'd like to be able to ignore them now.


As for the cache owner, I think this would work: Cache owner discovers that a bug listed on their cache isn't actually in the container. From their cache page, they have a special link that says "Travel Bug isn't in this cache". Pressing that link will send a confirmation email to the TB owner. If the TB owner clicks on the confirmation link in the email, the travel bug is "grabbed" back into the owners' possession. This has an advantage of just emailing the owner and asking them to grab it back because it doesn't require the owner to find their "COPY" tags and figure out which number goes with which TB.


I know some of you experienced TBers have all that information documented, but I'm guessing the average cacher with a travel bug or five may not be so organized.





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Originally posted by edscott:

I would also like to have the option of removing the travel bug symbol from my caches where bugs have gone missing. Some bugs have not only been stolen, but seem to be abandoned by their owners as well. edscott


I didn't realize a cache owner couldn't already do this... explains a lot of why some local caches say they've got a bug when it's already gone the way of the dodo!


Joel (joefrog)


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The admins have mentioned in other posts that if you email them, they will remove the TB from a cache if requested by the cache owner or TB owner if they have lost the tag number. Just email them the particulars at contact@Groundspeak.com and someone should respond.


Car37 & Shnde

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It should be up to the TB owner to respond and grab a wayward bug. If emailed, I would be disappointed, but would grab it then leave it in the cache. Some bug owners do not respond when emailed so the bugs get stuck in the cache. Ideally it would be nice if the cache owner could be able to remove the bug without the tag number, but unless you try to guess the number, your only recourse maybe to leave it there or contact TPTB. I know of a few caches that have a bug indicated, 1 bug owner even added Lost in the bugs name, but they are still in the cache on the site and show up in my caches with TB search with PQ. I have to check manually to see if I know it is a problem cache or if there are 2 bugs listed in the cache, 1 actually there.


Car37 & Shnde

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