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FTF'ers like hawks

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Well, we have a very small caching community here on the N.W. coast of Calif. There are a few of us who have got it all" cached out ".


When a new cache gets published we are relatively certain who will bag the FTF when published. Those of us who don't really care about FTF's have an friendly bet on which two will have won the race. Makes for a lot of smiles in addition to the smiley for the find.


On a recent hunt a fellow cacher and myself both scored FTF's ... >> Fourth & Fifth to find. So we got our giggles, signed the log and left.


We have a cacher here on the Northcoast who has very difficult hides and we actually take great pride in claiming the FIRST DNF.

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My quickest FTF was right about 7 minutes. My longest FTF was just over three weeks and about 180 miles from home. I usually only consider a FTF run it it's within 7 miles on the east or within 5 miles to the west. Further than that will be guaranteed NON-FTF. But ever since I hit my 100th FTF, I don't rush too much anymore. I think right now I sit at about 128 FTFs and even let the FTF opportunities go within 1 mile of my home.

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My most recent, (last week) was two days.

Of the 8 I have, most of them were 5 days or more.

There are 4 hides less than 9 miles from my house that have been sitting about a month unfound.

I will not go look for them, I am not going to BETA test the co's coords anymore. I tested his other hides for the FTF.

The unfound hides have a few DNF logs, not going to add to them. Going to let someone else root them out and give the co the correct coords.

FTF means little to me, I have 8 now, the ones I will get from now on, will be accidents.

Does this hider consistantly have bad coords?

I don't blame you for letting others get good coords before going out.

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