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  1. So I opened a new request and got another answer, which was not clear when I was first answered. I have taken a look at your account and I see that your current membership is set to run through June 28th, 2022. Your 14-day grace period wouldn't start until that date. You will be able to update your payment method as soon as it gets closer to your expiration date. Best regards,
  2. Still crickets. Guess I will start a new request. Nice way to treat a paying customer since 2007
  3. Update to this, it's been more than 14 days since I turned off Paypal. I am still not able to add a gift card as it still says Paypal. Replied to the original mail and not heard back, replied another time and crickets. Going to reply again now and tell them I am still waiting to hear. <eyeroll>
  4. FWIW I reached out, this was the answer to why I couldn't add a new payment method. "After a transaction is cancelled, we give Premium members a 14-day grace period. After this grace-period, you may order a new Premium membership with updated billing details." I also mentioned the site not being matched to what it tells you do do.Whether they fix it or not remains to be seen.
  5. I am perfectly able to find and read that information on my own, thanks. My post here was to alert someone that WORKS for Groundspeak that their instruction page does not match what a member sees when they follow the steps outlined. I will contact them directly.
  6. How long will it take for Groundspeak to allow me to add a gift card. A day later it still shows as using Paypal. Good thing I have a few months.
  7. Also, I cancelled my recurring Paypal this morning, I am still seeing autorenew for paypal. This is a technology company. Do better. I'm retired from this stuff it is not that hard
  8. FYI, I am not in the least technically challenged, I, so far can figure out what to do. But it needs to be fixed for the tech challenged.
  9. In your Settings, select Account. Select Edit Membership. Select Stop Recurring Membership to cancel the auto-renew feature of your membership. Select Renew Membership. Enter the Gift Membership Number "XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX" into the Enter Gift or Promo Code field. Select Apply. Select Review Order. That is what it says. This is what I see, no option to EDIT MEMBERSHIP
  10. The current instructions do not match what actually shows on the screen.
  11. I added one today! Thanks for fixing (using Chrome on Windows 10)
  12. I too found this very useful and piping in to request it be fixed. Going to post a link to this for others to chime in too.
  13. Well what do you know, works in busted up IE11 I'll use that, not willing to reset my Chrome. Could be now playing nice with an extension or something.
  14. The boxes all the way to the left were checked. Using up to date Chrome and tried on two different computers.. The box never pops up asking if I am sure. Popups are not blocked for the site..I will try Edge or IE when I get a chance
  15. I am having to go into each query to delete. Was trying to do a cleanup. I tried to delete quite a few, those two included .If the highlighted option is broken is it slated to be fixed if not it should be removed. Or maybe this should be moved to bugs. Mod, feel free if it's not known issue.
  16. Thanks! It's been great, not one complaint. It's a pretty populated area and flat to boot. Very few spots on Long Island where you don't have a connection.
  17. So far except for these locationless ones, every adventure lab I have done has been a tour of an area. Exactly like a Wherigo except there is a smiley for every location. AND you have to have a smartphone. Which kind of sucks for people who don't have unlimited data plans, or are traveling and don't have roaming data. When I got mine everyone was surprised I didn't do a tour of my neighborhood. Uh, well that was already done with a Wherigo, and sorry it was archived before you starting playing but not doing it again. I for one welcome something out of the ordinary. The way that the adventures are setup at this time, they do not need approval at all unless there is a physical container. Oh sure the guidelines say make sure you have permission but unless someone complains to the PTB..... Anyway if you don't like them then don't do them. Don't condemn people because they are not as pure as the driven snow in regards to how the game should be played.
  18. Interesting, I did not look at his profile or his adventure so not sure if he was a finalist or if it has videos. But that makes sense for them to give them a special consideration.
  19. People who want to cheat are going to find a way to cheat no matter what restrictions are placed. I have already heard about people logging adventure labs from across the world (not these 3 specifically) See this thread I know some otherwise perfectly nice people who cheat on their stats. And justify it if you call them out on it and try to get you to take part. I decline. I really enjoyed the professor lab. But....kind of agree it isn't really in the spirit of location based games. What I don't understand is how the howdy guy was given 10 locations. I would have loved another 5 locations for mine. I thought they were meant for event organizers.
  20. Feedback from the locals, had I not put out a bonus cache they would not have known there was a new adventure cache. Other than that, so far they seem to like it.
  21. When building the locations and I click on the map location button nothing happens. However that did not hinder the creation or the playing of it. Just reporting it. I didn't see anywhere else to give feedback, maybe that should be part of the builder.
  22. I used it too. Not all the time but for proximity placing. Sorry they think it's low usage. <shaking head>
  23. I think it's a great idea, if it makes you happy to do it. I understand you want feedback and I am sorry that so many people feel it necessary to go off topic or be negative or rude but that is the status quo around here. Anyway, i registered though I am not sure what I get for that. It did not tell me "if you register you will be in the running for this brand new car! Carol Merrill, show us what else you can win" J/K it would be nice if it said what the benefit of registering is. Might want to figure out how to automatically have archived and disabled caches show, such as this one which has been archived. https://coord.info/GCAE
  24. So far this gets my vote for the least fun summer challenge that has been created.
  25. To add to what Rock Chalk said above, a couple specific answers that would be potentially helpful: How did you navigate to the map? Directly? From the search page map preview? From a PQ map preview? Which map layer are you using? Google Maps? One of the Leaflet layers? (If so, which?) Does the bug only occur after certain actions on the map (e.g. zooming, panning)? Or are you unable to open caches as soon as you open the map? Which browser version and OS version are you using? 1:View larger map from cache page 2:Google maps 3:As soon as I open larger map I do not get anything but a hand. Zooming out doesn't help. 4:Chrome up to date version Version 52.0.2743.116 m Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 IE11 does not work either on my machine.
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