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  1. Hmmmmm, Second verse ... same as the first. I recall a similar thread with associated angst 10-12 years ago. I went out last month to "re-seek" a combination which had become "re-necessary" due to D/T change hi-jinks. It is indeed a hide chapper. I think we can all agree that D/T ratings are somewhat subjective. ***(A level 2 terrain at 11K elevation is rather different from a level 2 terrain at 1K elevation)*** ... rather distressing to watch a sea level cacher struggling for air at 11K Bogus D/T ratings indeed cheapens certain challenges. So say some of us who ethically play the game.
  2. How about "Itsy, Bitsy Teenie, Weenie". Buuuut you might have to be of a certain age for that phrase to knock off a cob web in order for a synapse to fire. I have a few nanos out there and try to mention it in the description ... buuuuuut how many folks read descriptions.
  3. Interesting take: Can't help chortling ... some countries and specific regions might have some difficulty with the metric system. Nooooooo; I am not going to name any names. I "might could" get into some controversy if I go any further with my rather broad paintbrush. Hard to imagine that I stepped into this fray over a decade ago ... DECADE ... where have all those years gone, say it aint so.
  4. Curious, If you have used a MAC to download? Sometimes a MAC will "hold onto fragments" or leave fragments in a GPS "database" Once I learned that "emptying trash" on a MAC was a two step process. A MAC pro told me to drag the GPX file into the trash >>>>>> THEN >>>>>> empty the trash with the GPS'r still connected the remnants will be "gone-bye-bye" Of course I was skeptical and thought I was being messed with ... welllllllll, "I'll be a monkey's uncle".
  5. I have a MAC and this behavior / behaviour occurs 90% of the time. Has been going on for about a year. Just wait until you try to print your map ... nothing but the cache icons. no streets, no trails, etc, etc. <<< new behavior / behaviour in the past week.
  6. Worked for me. After a rash of thefts and or destruction I "premiumed" mine. (problem solved).
  7. Curiosity at this end. So why were double, triple, quadruple "Fizzies" and "Jasmers" kicked to the curb. They seemed achievement oriented. Were they considered to be elitist or something? I had double Fizzies and Jasmers and when I attempted to publish triples (years ago ... I got squelched)
  8. Can I ever relate to that ... siiiigghhhh the life of a transient cacher. Echos of a stranger in a strange land.
  9. I suppose one could routinely cache with an 18 wheeler tractor / trailer full of tools, ladders, canoes, kayaks, ropes, climbing gear, etc., etc. if the special tools are not CLEARLY cited somewhere on the cache page. This from someone who has been "caught short" multiple times. >>> ( my special circumstance fanny pack morphed into a small backpack ..... ridiculous ) <<<.
  10. Point well taken. The OP throwing around allegations of reviewers being biased kind of sticks in my craw. (similar to allegations made by some social justice folks) Seems rather inflammatory to me and "gut checks may be in order".
  11. At times my "Write Note" has contained a. CNL >>> Could Not Look. d. DNL >>> Did Not Look. The CNL / DNL options are added when things get tooooooo dicey for this old geezer. "Rolled up on a few caches" where critters made searching too dangerous; or situations where terrain is outside of my comfort zone.
  12. Been there, done that. Write note, thanking the CO for the opportunity to visit the area is what I typically do. I rarely post a DNF these days due to "stuff" associated with DNF logging.
  13. Back in the day we used to fly from the extreme N.W. corner of Calif. to a facility near Travis AFB ... the big request was to pick up apricot logs ,>>>>> invariably on the return trip requests would come in to change their LOG ORDER!!! Hmmmmmmm, I guess this is WAAAAAAYYYYYY off topic, however, that is where my distorted mind went as I read the teaser topic. Sorry folks. Geo-hugggggzzzz to all.
  14. 'Well let me say this ... about that" !. Have been known to be out in the boonies and have had units "go south". Nice to have had a back-up unit(s). 2. Have been a beta tester for Garmin and it has been most convenient to be able to "cross check" against the unit(s) being evaluated. 3. Used to teach the hobby of geocaching and was helpful in the never ending tasks of a) show and tell demonstrations. b) "corralling the cats".
  15. True that ... wish I had a nickel for every time I had to justify my justifications ............ >>> snicker, snicker.
  16. Mine (plural) I keep mine in their soft cases and they then live in an old / surplus toiletries pouch. Then into whatever the major transport carrier might be indicated. (back-pack, book bag, flight bag etc) Hard cases make for a more difficult packing situation and always find a way to poke you in a most annoying way. HOWEVER, I initially read the title wrong >>>>>> first impression was more like " how do you justify multiple GPS'rs". LOL, LOL ...
  17. Well stated, however, we are dragging this thread off topic.
  18. "She Who Must Be Obeyed" has about 4,800 unlogged finds ... compared to 186 logged ?!?! Something to do with worthy of her time. Nooooo ... she has not logged me soooooooo I must be unworthy as well. Hmmmmmmmmmm
  19. Don't believe I have ever trash-mouthed a reviewer. Those valuable folks are stuck in the middle courtesy of some algorithm. Said algorithm, in my opinion, could stand a little massaging.
  20. A number of years ago in N.W. California we had a cacher who hid "caches"". >> check that >> he hid "GEO-TORTURE" would have been a more apt description. Those well conceived and well hidden maddeningly difficult caches were not considered caches at all. They were called "GEO-TORTURE". and within the local community it was not uncommon to have posted six (6) or more DNF's prior to finding "the goods". It was considered an honor to find more than twenty five (25) of cacher "XXXX's" "Geo-Tortures". ***(in twist of irony there was even greater honor in logging the tale of each and every search which ended in a DNF.***) Currently the "Cache Health Police" would be all over those caches like stink on a cow-pie. Cacher "XXXX" would not have been the happiest of cache owners had the "Cache Health Police" been up and running during the "GEO-TORTURE" days
  21. Interestingly, All of the NA and NM logs from the referenced cache page have been "vacated" since my visit and logging. For "on4bam" I support your stance and admire it ... take care be well and be safe. with respect to the aforementioned cache although it is a good one it probably needs to be archived given that the original owner has not visited the site in multiple years and I see no reference to a MX program in place.
  22. Numerous spurious logs for GC262JQ near Poway, California got me rather "Jacked Up" and I could not help myself: Perhaps I went a bit over the top, however. Dear Cache, (HERE COMES MY GRIPES). To those who have not succeeded in locating you and who have called for archival >>> they need use their geosenses and look. For those who spout off about different containers etc, etc they have been led astray by the throw-down twits. Those who play the "throw down game" cheat themselves and lead others astray. I note from old logs variances from the actual cache container. ( YES ) I found the real deal. (I AM FED UP WITH A CERTAIN SEGMENT OF "WANNA-BE CACHERS" THINKING THEY ARE ENTITLED TO A FIND AND START WHINING AND PLAYING THE ARCHIVAL CARD WHEN THEY CAN NOT LOCATE A CACHE). Participation ribbons are for T-Ball, kindergarten and your pre-school play dates. Be Safe Out There and stop dropping NM and NA bombs.
  23. "back in the day" I used to log a DNF and wore my DNF's as badges of honor / honour ... with the advent of the "cache health algorithm" I have ceased that. I am more likely to log via a "write note" that issues may exist with a cache. Anyone who has seen the various threads on Cache Health, NA, NM may have a know my stance.
  24. On a more serious note: "Normalcy" can't come soon enough. The events and shared sense of community, in my opinion, is what sets caching on a higher plane than some of the other "Geo-Location" games that are out there. I miss the M&G's, CITO's etc ... touching base with the "oldsters of the game", greeting newcomers and the energy of the younger set. Tales from the trails, missteps, pratfalls ... inevitably the "oh by the way I found an easier way to the cache AFTER I slogged in for XXX miles. (it really is a near drive-up"
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