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  1. Through it all; I feel sorry for the reviewers ... caught in the middle ... "Rock-reviewer-hardplace". Shucks and they don't even draw a paycheck.
  2. Can I ever relate. Early on I had been in receipt of the " nastygrams" and I really got bent out of shape. My perception was, and continues to be, that the VAST MAJORITY of the misguided missives rely too heavily on logs from brand new, very green cachers. Why on earth the cache health algorithm relies so heavily on the relative inexperience of "newbies" is beyond my comprehension. I remember a time when searching, coming up short and posting a DNF on a difficult cache was almost a badge of honor / honour ... now it raises ill feelings, will likely raise eyebrows and eventually cause the Kraken to rise from the deep and begin the "Nastygram Process". In response to my angst I have started a personal sub-game. I call it "NEWBIE DNF-ING": I dedicate time and resources to solely searching for DNF-ed caches by that certain segment of searchers. Many of whom post snarky, inane logs. "The cache could not be found, it is not here, the cache needs archived". Daaaaaang ... I got through the above without calling them unflattering names nor did I suggest that they need to stop getting their world view through their umbilicus. O.K., O.K. ... back to topic GEO-HUGGGGGZZZZZZZ to all.
  3. Nearly blew my coffee through my nose while laughing over the above comment. Took me back to a note from a few weeks ago. Some newbie commented that there was no prize in the container so they "bagged" the little metal thing from the log sheet. GRRRRRRRR ... MIND YOU ... THE CACHE WAS A BUTTON NANO!!!! The little metal thing!!!! >>> THAT, dear cacher, is a component of the log sheet to assist your twitty little self in removing the log sheet and or re-rolling the log sheet.
  4. However, I will give them brownie points for going retro with the GC#. For a "few" years that faded gray on dusty white was TERRIBLE. THANKS FOR THE RETRO.
  5. Agreee with O.P. It is rather rough on we who have "old eyes". Just saying.
  6. It has been noted that there are some at Pikes Peak. You don't mention your disability ... IF it is cardio-pulmonary in nature you may be physically stressed. During peak tourist season I have noted a first aid station with oxygen availability within the visitor center. If you are a "lunger" you probably carry your own oxygen ... just make certain you are topped off before heading up.
  7. Ohhhhhh, I remember those ... I remember high-tailing it 65 miles to snag one, only to find it looooonnnggg gone. Late logging issues. By the time it had been logged at "point A" it had been in San Francisco, Calif for 3 days. Concept reminded me of a First To Find Run .... but by golly you had better be first on site.
  8. 1. Be more patient with my 84 year old Geo- Buddy who can barely get around these days. 2. Be more tolerant of the "One Hit Wonders" who leave "Lame Logs". 3. Be more tolerant of the 'One Hit Wonders" who are, in my estimation, too quick to post N.A. logs. >>> Guess I shouldn't fly down their throats.
  9. "Two Tracks". A cacher from S.W. Oregon So named for his use of a wheel chair. We often wondered how on earth he navigated his chair to some of his hide locations ... he was an animal. Doffed my hat many times for his efforts.
  10. Missed my opportunity years ago ... I thought the" mailing" was spam. GRRRRRRR
  11. Fine by me if they don't show up. Even better if they go away entirely. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER (yes 3-evers) had one launch correctly. Even had one say I was 2786 miles away from where I was standing. Big old Bronx Raspberry to them.
  12. Wellllllll, They are volunteers: probably (just a hunch) have a life. They are not our servants ... buuuuttttt I may be in error.
  13. Maybe, just maybe ... reviewers are filtering out *(giving less weight)* to "one hit wonders" who are posting NM / NA. "My Baaaadd"
  14. Takes me to a negative stereotype: "Give someone a tin badge and a whistle and they will blow their fool head off". Overblown sense of their self importance and authority. O.K. ... back to topic. Go to the honcho of the facility after approval a joint meeting with head of security in order to get all folks on the "same page".
  15. I know of a number of caches at hospitals ... and see no big problem ... PROVIDED permission has been granted. Caveat: Placing at or around a pediatric hospital might be a bad idea. ***(same rationale as not placing near schools)***
  16. Indeed more information might clarify. Did a bunch of folks have "Bad Hair Days" resulting in a perfect storm?? I am personally connected with a couple of cachers on the receiving end of "harsh responses" from the Lilly Pond and as you might imagine; they stomped off with a middle finger salute aimed in the general direction of Seattle. The heat must have been considerable to result in a "Six Monther".
  17. Tradies O.K. However, the thread seems to reference Virtuals.
  18. I am rather curious what kind of MX would need to be done on a Virtual. Hmmmmmmm ... if the Virt were an old steam engine that had gotten dusty over the years >>>> should the CO go by and dust it off once in a while?!. I know a cache owner or two, self included, who need maintenance, however, none wish to be archived at this time. O.K., O.K. time to take tongue out of cheek.
  19. YOU DID WHHHHAAATTTTTT Calling for archival seems rather over the top. I agree there needs to be a method to adopt caches where the CO's have "moved on or passed on". A large number of "orphaned caches" have significant value and it would be a shame to lose them.
  20. In the Ham Radio Community when an operator "passes" that event is noted in their publications. And it is noted that there key has gone silent (ceased operations due to their having passed) Just an old cacher noting that other old cachers are passing without their passing and or major contributions being noted. "Blue Bazes" comes to mind. Anyone think that it is time to consider memorializing the passage of folks?? GEO- HUGGGGZZZZ TO ALL and 73 to those others out there.
  21. Hmmmmm, Second verse ... same as the first. I recall a similar thread with associated angst 10-12 years ago. I went out last month to "re-seek" a combination which had become "re-necessary" due to D/T change hi-jinks. It is indeed a hide chapper. I think we can all agree that D/T ratings are somewhat subjective. ***(A level 2 terrain at 11K elevation is rather different from a level 2 terrain at 1K elevation)*** ... rather distressing to watch a sea level cacher struggling for air at 11K Bogus D/T ratings indeed cheapens certain challenges. So say some of us who ethically play the game.
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