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Question about getting permission....


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Hi all!


For my first cache hide, I wanted to place a larger sized container (ammo can) in a town park that is near my house. I wasn't sure if permission was required, so I made several phone calls to the town parks and recreation department. However, it has been a week or so now and no one has responded. I know there are a few other caches hidden within this particular town's other parks; on these other cache pages, it is not indicated that permission was necessary in order to get their cache placed (i.e. no permit # or contact info for the person who approved it). Should I try calling some more, or should I place the cache without trying further to make contact? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm trying to be a good newb and place a very thought-out cache. Thanks for listening!! :)


** Here are links to two of the other caches hidden in this town's parks:




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Most municipalities have a Parks and Recreation Dept (or something akin to that). That is where I would go to check it out. If it isn't the answer, they can probably steer you to who it is you would need to talk to. :)


Placing a cache willy-nilly in a park is most generally a bad idea. If they have no policy (affirmed by contact), then feel free.


EDIT: You could contact the other cache owners to see what they did. :cry:

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it has been a week or so now and no one has responded
Try emailing the director, and asking for an appointment to see them in person. If there's no response, visit the office and set up an appointment. Bring your container, and some Geocaching info. Also, show them the likely cache spot on a map. They may also be helpful with finding a good spot (such as a place that won't be weed-whacked).


If people are seen “looking around” frequently in one area (or worse, if a “mysterious container” is found by a park employee), the parks department will at least want to know why you didn't ask if you could place the container. And that makes it difficult to make future caches.


Do the extra legwork, and reassure every cacher who visits, so they don't have to wonder if the authorities know there's a legitimate reason to be “searching” there.


And, what Gitchee-Gummee said. :)

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I recall the story of one guy who went to the town to ask permission. He was sent from one department to another over a period of weeks and finally found someone who would consider it. A few more weeks went by after the town consulted with the town attorney.


Finally, after close to 2 months he got his answer. He had permission to hide the cache. BUT he needed a 1 million dollar liability policy and the cache could only be active for one day.


Meanwhile someone else placed a cache in the same park and years later it was still there being found by happy geocachers and with no interference from the town.

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Thanks again for all the great information! I really appreciate all of the help! Based on the responses, I decided to start again by sending PMs to a few cachers who have hides placed in the other parks maintained by the town P&R Department. I also sent a PM to the local reviewer as was suggested in the previous post. Thank you all so much!!! :):cry:

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