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Theme Tips?


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I'm thinking of hiding a cache, where the only SWAG is DVD's. Take a DVD, leave a DVD.


Has anyone tried this, or have tips on how to best do this type of thing?


Just from reading here and from obervations on the trail:


A- Be prepared to lose the cache and contents. No matter what you do, things can happen.

B- Make it a cache with effort needed so that maggots and pirates may be slightly detered.

C- I've never seen a cache with specific swag types stay "pure".


Another thought: If you can work it out with your reviewer and a place, maybe it could serve your purpose. You can perhaps get someone to tend the cache for you if, say, it's behind the counter at a local video store. The reason I say work with your reviewer is that you have to be careful not to be seen as soliciting or placing a commerical cache as noted in the guidelines and requirements.


EDIT: BTW, just curious; would you be asking for a specific genre or category of DVD? Sounds like it could be fun in any case.


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Another thought -- only briefly mentioned above -- you can ask to do only DVD trades, you cannot demand.


Also, you must prepare yourself for the inevitable SWAG degradation. It is a fact!


We love themed caches, even though we usually do not have appropriate SWAG with us.

We have out a "themed cache" that exists only to give something. People are welcome to take w/o a trade, and it so states on the cache page, it does request them to leave their "greed factor" at home, though. We have noticed that people do trade, usually tourist-types will already be carrying an item. :rolleyes:

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You also remember that is is unenforceable. If it is a traditional cache all that is required is to sign the log. If someone chooses not to do a trade they still get the smiley.


Also in this age of GPS's that hold all info (and cell phone applications ) many people head out and don't read the description until they head for it and some don't read the description at all.


Nice idea but probably would lead to more frustration for you.

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I've got books on cd cache at an Interstate Rerst Stop. Things have worked out well and its been out there for a good 6 years now. The only swag is other books on cd and nobody ever reported a destroyed one.


Oh I would LOVE to find that cache! What a great idea! Books on CD save me on long trips.

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I own a cache that used to be themed. I filled it with nice things, and spent more money than I've ever spent on swag. Let me tell you, that thing was a pleasure to open and look into (for those who know me, it was themed toward my town's claim to fame and had little fake apples and cherries, apple blossoms and souvenirs, etc.) . :P


Now, this was placed in 2003, when people still tried to keep up the swag, and stick to themes, mind you, but I was prepared for people to not have theme items and to trade with something else. I couldn't expect for all of them to see my theme online, go to a store, buy an appropriate item, and then find my cache and trade. But you can't blame a girl for trying. :cry::)


But after watching the logs for a while, and then checking up on it after a few months, I discovered a curious thing. Even though it had been found many times, almost every single item I had put in there was still there. It was almost the same as when I had placed it. I realized that people didn't have themed items to trade with, so they didn't trade (or take) at all. I actually felt a bit disappointed. I would have rather they did something with the items, then just leave them, I suppose. Otherwise, the cache just felt like a slightly expensive museum. :)


After several years, the cache finally disappeared. I replaced it with an ammo can with regular swag, and took off the themed suggestion.


Not sure if this story would apply to nowadays. But if you're going to do a themed cache, you need to go into it realizing that people will either: not trade at all, trade with something other than your theme, and some will keep to the theme (reports from themed cache owners vary on how many people that will be). A lot of times with themed caches, people stick to it more in the beginning, and then less after that.


If the theme makes you happy, do it! But do it out of the enjoyment of the idea, and for the few that keep to the theme, and don't be disappointed with whatever direction it ends up going.


My very favorite themed caches are for books, personally. They're like little miniature libraries. I guess DVD's would be like a video store. :D

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