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The Benchmarking Counter

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I would like help in keeping track of the benchmarking counter.


I will be away on and off until mid-January. From now until New Year's I will be at home, so it wouldn't be so difficult. But from Jan 1st until Jan 12th, I will be away and will not have access to the internet. I would appreciate if people would post the counter so I can continue my analysis of milestones and trends in benchmarking here at geocaching. I will, of course, be glad to continue posting my results here. But, I need your help!


Please post the counter on this thread. Your post will carry the date and time so unless you are posting it later than when you saw the counter, I won't need that. When I get back to work on the 13th, I will accumulate the information and post the updated estimates for the current milestones.


Thanks everyone, have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year! icon_smile.gif

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OK, with a little bit of help from the forum, I've managed to keep track of the daily count. Christmas and the holiday season has brought the weekly average up into the mid-50s found per day. The next milestone which is to hit 2% (14,729) is now estimated to occur on Jan 22nd. After that, 15,000 is estimated to happen on Jan 27th and falling below 720,000 is estimated for Feb. 22nd.


But starting tomorrow, I really need your help. I would like a count posted here every day. Help keep this topic on top. I will be out of touch with the internet until Jan 11th. If I get enough counts, I will recalculate my estimates and post them here on Monday, Jan 13th.


Thanks! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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In reviewing all of your posts, I managed to get a count for every day that I was away. Thanks for your help. Here is your reward:


The 7-day daily average (I take the total for the 7 days prior and divide by 7) fell to a low point of 31.7 on Dec. 16th. It has been slowly raising since then and the current 7-day daily average is 70.1


The count went up over 100 last night which helped push that 7-day daily average up. It also went up over 100 on the 5th, also a Sunday night. It appears that a lot of people put their logs in on Sunday.


The next milestone is 2% of the total benchmarks (2% of 736,425 = 14,729). The current estimate is that it will be reached this Friday, Jan. 17th.


The next milestone after that is 15,000 which is currently estimated for next Tuesday, Jan. 21st.


So, we have two big milestones coming up in the next week, now let's get out and find 'em!

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Originally posted by Web-ling:

So... How was your trip?


Well, searching for benchmarks or caches when there is a foot or more of snow on the ground is rather difficult. I had to settle for getting a few control points, i.e. two church steeples and a former observatory. I tried to find one benchmark that my GPS indicated was at the edge of a parking lot where they had put the snow when plowing out the lot. So, it was under 4 or 5 feet of compacted snow. I didn't try to dig that one out. icon_biggrin.gif

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Hello Rog,


I am brand new to geocaching and this site and this is my first post here.


After browsing the Benchmarking posts, I think I would enjoy putting my new Meridian Platinum GPS to use locating Benchmarks as well as Caches.


My question: Do you happen to know what European agencies might have data on locating "benchmarks" in Europe? I have family in Germany and will be there from 20 Jan to around 1st of March.




Glenn Rossi

Bellaire, Texas (SW Houston)

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I don't really need the count posted here any more. I just needed while I was away. We did hit a milestone on Sat night when the counter when over 2 percent of the total benchmarks. And the next benchmark is coming up probably Wed night/Thur when it goes over 15,000.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me track the counter.

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