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Spring already?


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Yup, we're enjoying it up here in the Vancouver BC area too. El Nino is said to be responsible for a very nice second half to February! I'm loving it. We have had unusually high snow for the last 4 or 5 years and this year I didn't even have to plastic the windows. I even swapped the hard top off my Jeep and put the soft top on yesterday!


Lovin' it!

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It's going to be rainy and cold here this week, but we had a beautiful spring-like weekend.


Hopeful signs that spring is coming soon:


1) Yesterday, I saw a mosquito in my back yard.


2) I've started getting "allergy alerts" in my email again.


3) Saturday morning, there was a whole flock of robins in my front yard.


4) I haven't stopped to count them, but for the past couple of days my Blackberry has been buzzing like crazy with new cache alerts. The local reviewer has been very busy publishing new caches.

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O what a beautiful picture! I'm still wading through a foot of snow. Although it did warm up a bit today; I broke through the ice over the creek and got a soaker. But Spring doesn't really arrive in Western New York State until May.


Agreed. The snow has been a bit thinner down here in Southern WNY, but it's still there when I get up everyday. And everytime it looks as if it may melt down just enough to get a quick cache in, more comes along and sweeps that away!


Arrrgghhhh, I hate being impatient!

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