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We are planning on having a Chili and cornbread picnic event soon....


Details please. I have recipes for both... :D


Hoping weather stays good for caching (not pouring rain or 32 degrees) for this coming weekend. I solved a puzzle cache a few weeks ago, and the darn thing is possibly in a lamp post RIGHT by the front door of a store. Why? I tried twice, but way too many people around. What bothers me, is there are 2 or 3 other lamp posts in the parking lot, further away from the front door of the store. Another puzzle cache I solved is right next to a park pavilion. I tried...50 people having a birthday party. Wasted so much time on these things...so irritating to me.

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Wasted so much time on these things...so irritating to me.


There are so many caches in this area, and frankly, many of them are in really lame locations. We are tired of finding caches and saying out loud, "Why on earth did they bring us HERE?" So you have to choose carefully.


I know you can never tell with puzzles. But we filter out all known nanos, urban caches up the side of a building, etc. unless we know they are at a neat place to go.


One way YOU can help alleviate the problem of lame nanos in stoopid places, is to lead by example and start hiding micros and smalls etc. at cool places....


Personally, We TRY to hide caches in GROUPS at a NICE destination. :ph34r:

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We are now officially Tour Guides! Look at this smiley:


Location: Florida, United States

XXXX found Florida Spirit Quest #006: "IRON MIKE" (Traditional Cache) at 1/26/2011


Log Date: 1/26/2011

In Florida for business and decided to spend an extra day caching. While looking for places to visit while in the area, this cache struck me and I planned part of my day around this cache. I really enjoyed seeing these statues. They have been beautifully restored. TFTC! [emphasis added]



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I have found 32 caches since the event Feb. 6. That's peanuts compared to some people who get 100 in a day... but I've been doing a lot that require a lot of walking, some difficult caches, as well as I've brought my mom with me and she's still trying to figure out her GPS. I wish she'd gotten the same kind I got, hers is difficult to use. Anyway, that's a record for me and I'm almost to the 100 mark. I even found 2 benchmarks, but one is not listed on Geocaching.com and I have no idea how to list it if it's not there. Oh well! My current goal is to get to 200 caches by October, which is my one year mark. I figure in summer it will be too hot and buggy, and I won't do as much caching then, so I'm busy now!


I picked up a FTF coin (I was second to find, rats!) and it's mission was to help motivate cachers to put out a new cache of their own in the Tampa Bay area. Soooo.... with some trepidation, I picked it up and we will see what I can come up with. I have 2 parks that I am looking at, and I will have to find out who I contact about geocache placement permission. My mom did tell me Lake Chatauqua Park is expanding, so that will be another area I am going to keep my eye on. I want to put out only small, medium or large caches if possible. I am also in the process of adopting 6 current caches out in the Sand Key area, so that will give me a little practice. They are all micros, but in places that only micros could fit, and good locations, so I want to make sure they have longevity.

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Just came off a week of backpacking sections of the Florida Trail and caching along the way. Thanks to everyone in FL who hid the 42 caches that I found :rolleyes: . And yes, Florida, I forgive you for fouling up my trusty water filter with all that Gator Snot or whatever it is that is in your stagnant pools of water that I had to use to supply my drink while backpacking. Picture attached. And no, this ain't pee, it is Eau de Floride, Vintage 2011. AFTER filtering. Should the question ever come up why Floridians like to hide Micros in the woods, the answer obviously is "there must be something in the water" ;)


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Nobody, anywhere, ever, under any circumstances should hide a micro in the woods.


Drinking Swamp water is another deal--The color comes from being stained by cypress knees, oak leaves and Gator Piss. If properly boiled and filtered it can sustain life without causing Montezuma's Revenge. We usually take water with us, however...


In the wild, spring water is your best bet to start out with... :yikes:

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I just adopted 7 geocaches by susanron. I may adopt one more, I have to go look at it, it's in a high muggle area, at Largo Medical Center, and I work for "a very large healthcare system"...so not sure if I should own that one! I don't want to end up on the "BOLO" (Be On the LookOut) sheet that they post in the hospitals! LOL! :P Thanks to susanron for inviting me to adopt their caches! Lucky I just happened to run into them on a cache run one day, and they told me about the caches they have for adoption. They have several more available in the Largo area if anyone is interested.


I will have to take "the plunge" on the Federation Must Pay next time I am in Jacksonville, hilarious!


Update: Not going to be adopting the cache at Largo Med! Ha! We were being so stealthy...but we think an employee in his car saw us. We couldn't see him until we went back to our car, then we realized he had a great view of us at GZ. Pesky tinted car windows!

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Worked on my paddle cache idea today. Did a test run, and talked to a park manager. He's going to call me back soon. I didn't mark my tracks properly, though, still learning the gps. Although I did mark a few waypoints. I also found a few spots for trail caches, and he will let me know. He seemed pretty laid back about it, I got the impression I should've just gone ahead and put some caches in without asking permission. But I insisted that I wanted to get full permission and also to let them know approximately where they were. I want to make sure it's not endangering people, plants or animals. I also really hope I have a chance to do a paddle cache before I make one. I want to see what kind of containers they use and how they attach them to trees. Mine will probably have to be hanging caches, because these are mangrove islands, not really any good "beaches" unless you want to make for 4 star terrain. (which myself, I don't want to maintain!)

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I wish I could go to Mexico and find geocaches! I just right-clicked and chose Google Translate. hahahaha!


And yes, it's HOT. But, I will still keep caching for a few more months. July I am pretty much done until October! I am getting some caches ready, hope to have them done, placed, and published soon. (within a few weeks) We shall see!


Do you know if you still have to get permission in a park if a cache has been archived recently and you will use a nearby spot? (I found a back-up spot if my chosen spots don't get approved for some reason). And how do you figure out which reviewers are in charge of which areas, if you want to just shoot them an e-mail?

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Do you know if you still have to get permission in a park if a cache has been archived recently and you will use a nearby spot?... And how do you figure out which reviewers are in charge of which areas, if you want to just shoot them an e-mail?


You still have to get permission. As for the reviewer--email the one who approved other caches nearby and ask him which reviewers could approve for the area you're interested in.

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Happy Easter! (and belated Happy Earth Day) After 6 months of geocaching, I finally did place my first 3 caches and they were published yesterday. Nice to have a weekend publish date. 3 caches, all lock n locks, camo'd and decorated by little ole me. I had a different FTF prize in each one. It was fun getting updates on my cell phone all day while I was at work, as people logged them in. They seemed to like the caches, and of course, the nice park.


While I was finishing putting out my caches, I found a neat little spot that I might use to tuck in a bonus prize on occasion. It could be kinda muggly area and so I wouldn't want to use it for a permanent cache. I hate muggly areas and I'd hate my cache to go missing! I was thinking to leave surprise unpublished coords in one of my caches, whenever I went out on a maintenance run. Of course no smilie, but just something unexpected. Does that sound fun? :)

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I've been watching this thread on & off for months. Finally, we'll be geocaching in paradise once again. We depart tomorrow for the beautiful Keys! We'll be at Bluewater Key (Rte 1, MM14.5) as our home base. Hopefully lightning will strike twice as last year we were fortunate enough to grab a FTF at the Cache "Old Road to Paradise". We have the kayaks & the mountain bikes loaded up so we're set! Thanks for having us in Paradise!

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