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Introducing the Doers and Dreamers coin


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I'm just starting the process of making a coin... there's no more info on it than what's being posted now... just getting opinions on the design so far...


Being born and raised in Nova Scotia, I'm paying homage to my home and the sport we love to play... this coin hopefully will not be the standard disc, rather the whole design will be cut out instead


be gentle please.....



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Looks good, are you related to Welch? ;)


Funny, I was going to say it looked like welch's avatar on the G, but it is the Flag of Nova Scotia, and I thought I should stay out of it.


But welch was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw it. Not his current avatar, but the one before it was stretched.

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WoW!!! What a pretty coin!!!!! Beautiful!!!! The cutouts are great! they make this coin unique! and as I see... you can wear it too!!! :anibad:

WOW! being trackable!!! Nice... well.. except f you are married and not so faithful! :anicute: Just kiding!!!! :)


I like this coin!!!! good job my friend!!

:lol: Nikos, you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice design!

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The proofs are ready... we're waiting on getting them in hand (roughly 2 weeks)... the only detail that I don't have is the price... here's the front, back and icon for the coin... as you can see, it's a 2 inch coin that's wearable (if you choose to do so)







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