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Finder's only logs?

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I was thinking, has anyone ever raised the idea of having a log that only cachers who have already found the cache could see. There have been quite a few times that I would like to share something about how I found it/ got there, but didn't due to the fact that I thought that I might be writing too much for those that haven't found it yet and compromising the integrity of the hunt.


Has anyone ever raised the idea of being able to write something that can only be read by those who have already logged a find on that cache?

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So, if I haven't found a tough cache I could post a fake "Found It" and see all the private clues/discussions from the previous finders? Then run out and actually sign the logbook?

Allow me to cut off some yeah buts.


Yeah but the CO would be alerted to the found it.

  1. ;) Like the CO runs to a cache as soon as a found it get posted to verify it. :)
    • and it wouldn't matter because it is like cheating puzzles and multies, cheating still = found it so ya cant delete the log

[*]Three letters W A P

  • just grab the info then delete the log and post a legit log at a later date.

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